RedZone Fitness, Now Open in Pinecrest

pic1An Interview with Glenn Greer, Co-Owner and Program Designer of RedZone Fitness

RedZone has been in Coral Gables for 13 years, and now you are opening in Pinecrest. Congratulations on expanding your business.

Q: You specialize in training women only. How has specializing contributed to your success?
Glenn: Providing a place for women only has been the key to our success and our clients. Working with just women allows us to focus our efforts on their special needs and get better results. We don’t just want you to train at RedZone. We want you to be stronger and healthier because you are training at RedZone.

Q: How does working out with only women help?
Glenn: Good question. The value of working out with just women comes into play in lots of ways. First, there are women that simply won’t work out with men. Sometimes they don’t even realize it’s been holding them back until they work out with us. Many women are shy, and intimidated by the traditional gym environment with so many mirrors, and so many people looking in them. “Women only” creates a special camaraderie, and that helps keep everyone accountable. It’s an understanding place. You have to experience it to fully understand.

Q: You said you are training centric. What does that mean?
Glenn: We are professional trainers, experts in our field. We design results oriented workouts for women to help them function better and become stronger. We aren’t simply providing access to equipment and leaving clients to figure it out. We provide accessible exercise programming and we can modify any exercise to regress or progress the particular participant. I rely on our clients and our trainers for feedback. One of the important fitness tools we added to our exercise library was the Cybex Arc Trainers. We wanted to provide an alternative to just using a treadmill for cardio intervals. The women love the cybex arc trainers. It’s low impact on their hips, knees and their ankles. We tested this equipment at our Gables location over the years and the women were fighting to get onto the cybex. So, we decided to use both.

Q: Any other special equipment you use to achieve success?
Glenn: In fact we do. At our Pinecrest location we are using the INBODY 570. It reads your body composition. It tells you, not only your BMI, your body fat percentage, the amount of lean muscle to fat ratio but it also if you have high amounts of visceral fat and if you are dehydrated, hydrated or retaining water. We also monitor your workout intensity with Polar heart rate systems. We encourage clients to work at their own pace, but because they are wearing the monitor they know when they are working in the right zone. The women love this fitness tool. They love seeing how many calories they are burning in a class and we love it as trainers because we can monitor their heart rate.

Q: How do you do that for so many people?
Glenn: We don’t. We limit classes to 21 women and the entire membership is capped at 300. Once you enter the Red- Zone, we know you. We know where you are now and where you want to go. We are interested in your progress not just your attendance.

Q: Do you help your clients with their diet too?
Glenn: Nutritional support is very important to success so we created a book with nutritional concepts and guidelines. Every client can and should download the book. It will help keep them on track in the kitchen, grocery store and restaurants.

Q: All this personalized attention must be expensive?
Glenn: Not really. Our sessions are as low as $5.00 to $12.00 per class because you are sharing 1 to 2 trainers. It’s all based upon the amount of workouts you perform at our facility per week that will scale the amount per class. For $129 of unlimited classes monthly, you can spend $10.75 if you just go 3 x a week. If you go 6x a week the classes average as low as $7.16 per class. We reward you when you when you come to our facility with our Perkville rewards program. Just for showing up you get 25 points. When you reach 2000 points you get $25.00 off your package. We have other packages to fit your lifestyle.

Q: When do you open?
Glenn: Our Grand Opening is Feb. 20. We are at 11845 So. Dixie Highway, on the second floor.

We hope to see lots of Pinecrest Tribune readers. You can register at redzonefitness. com or give us a call at 305-971- 8212. Bring a friend with you. Also, our Coral Gables location, now celebrating 13 years is accepting new clients. 305.461.1090.

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