Rothenberg & Ross Orthodontics: giving back to the community

Rothenberg & Ross Orthodontics: giving back to the community

A mustachioed Ross with his patient.

Let’s get something straight (besides teeth); when you walk into Rothenberg & Ross Orthodontics, you’re treated like one of the family. Since 1974, Dr. Leonard Rothenberg has built a practice centered on his passion for community and family.

“It’s about relationships and trust,” explains Rothenberg. “We’ve seen patients over 40 years now and orthodontics allows me the opportunity to transform the lives of my patients by giving them beautiful smiles and confidence in themselves. I love seeing the changes my patients go through during and after treatment.”

Dr. Rothenberg shared that in the early days of his practice his kids were involved in Khoury League Baseball and he was a coach and vice president. He also learned a lot by seeing how people were communityinvolved in organizations like the YMCA.

“South Dade is a small town if you get involved. It was exciting to me to figure out how to become a part of the whole community.”

You know this is a special practice when kids come in without an appointment just to tell the staff about an accomplishment.

“We ask each of our patients what’s important to them and create a real bond that transcends orthodontics. We want to be part of people’s lives for 50 years and beyond.”

The practice has been around long enough to become generational. Just a few weeks ago around Halloween, Rothenberg spotted two moms sitting next to each other in the waiting room. Their kids were in chairs next to each other getting treatment.

Rothenberg & Ross Orthodontics: giving back to the community

Drs. Len Rothenberg and Greg Ross show off their personalities.

“What struck me is that I had just been looking through an old 1980-something Halloween photo album and these two moms were both patients of mine and their photos were in the album right next to each other,” said Rothenberg with a chuckle. “I brought out the album so we could all enjoy that special moment!”

In July of 2014, Dr. Greg Ross joined Dr. Rothenberg in the practice. And, as you might expect, it was a story of destiny. As a child, Dr. Ross was a patient of Rothenberg. Not only did Rothenberg do his braces, but also mentored Ross through dental school, orthodontic residency and even provided guidance beyond dental education.

“He guided me to community involvement, cleft lip and palate patients and understanding that there are special needs cases that are underserved in our community,” explained Ross.

“He taught me that orthodontics is more than just a profession and how to develop my passion, where I get to give back to people while also doing what I love.”

In addition to his office hours, Ross also goes off-site to do pro-bono work for those in need, including being an active member of the craniofacial team at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

The next five years are mapped out as community years. Doctors Rothenberg and Ross are committed to strengthening their own relationship and the one they have with the South Florida community. Ross beams.

“We’re getting involved with local organizations, schools and just really be a part of people’s lives,” Ross said. “We don’t just want to see kids in the office, we want to reach out and mentor them as well.”

To support their local community, Rothenberg & Ross Orthodontics often donates full orthodontic cases to a particular school or cause. You can also see their charitable side in the office. They recently were donned in all pink and handed out pink bracelets to kids who wanted them to raise awareness for breast cancer. Another day, the entire staff wore mustaches to support prostate cancer awareness.

“A good smile is a big part of life. It opens doors professionally, personally and it can be the difference-maker in so many situations.”

If you’d like to know more about Rothenberg & Ross Orthodontics, They are located at 7901 SW 67th Ave., Suite 207, South Miami, FL 33143 and can be reached at 305-598-8970 and www.rothenbergandrossorthodontics. com

Rothenberg & Ross Orthodontics: giving back to the community

Ross and Rothenberg at work.

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