The Seville Fair and the power of stem cells

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Today I would like to share with you my recent experience in the beautiful Spanish city of Seville:

Recently I was invited to lecture at an important conference on stem cell advancements in Seville that just so happened to coincide with the world renowned Seville Fair, an extraordinary spectacle not only known for its glamour but also for the way in which the Sevillians maintain their centuries-old traditions. Everyone from the grandparents to the young children, all Sevillians, enjoy dressing in traditional Sevillian attire and parading around town in horse driven carriages, as has been typical for more than 100 years.

Although I would like to tell you about how much I was impressed by the Seville Fair, the real topic of the article that I am writing for you today is about stem cells, and of course, the fact that not only was the actual conference a great way to get the Spaniards to recognize what we do in the United States, but the fair surprisingly also gave me the opportunity to see the fruits of our labor.

Walking around many of the booths (called “Casetas” that are usually sponsored by local prominent families, businesses and even political parties) I unexpectedly ran into Carlos S., the husband of one of my patients (Mayra S.), who is a Spaniard that works in real estate and is a frequent visitor to this renowned fair.

Carlos promptly took us to greet his wife Mayra, to whom we had already performed several stem cell procedures in the past. About four years ago we first transplanted her own stem cells into her lumbar spine, from which she recovered completely. Two years later, we addressed a ruptured ligament in her ankle, from which she had also fully recovered, and finally, about a year ago, we performed another procedure on her right shoulder.

Throughout the day, Carlos, Mayra and many other couples danced around for more than two hours straight and it was then that I realized the truly amazing positive effects that stem cell treatments have on people’s lives. I was utterly amazed by how this lady was dancing perfectly well after having suffered from severe spinal issues, a dislocated ankle, and even a tendon rupture in her shoulder! Thanks to all her successful treatment outcomes over four years ago, she now was also able to fully enjoy this wonderful celebration, and furthermore, she even had the energy and full mobility to do so for hours on end!

I was also astonished to see how the folks at the fair, as well as the doctors I met during my stay at the conference and even the participants at the fair, were all completely surprised at Mayra’s incredible recovery and ultimately, about the true infinite power of stem cells.

However, after observing the real life example of my patient, who I ran into by coincidence in a city thousands of miles away from Miami, I present to you yet another proven and convincing example of the true power of stem cells, not only to my friends in Seville, but also to you my esteemed readers, because as the famous saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

So if you, a family member, or friend need to be evaluated to find out if stem cell treatments are a viable option, please call us at 305-598-7777. If you want to contact the doctor directly, please do so via email: or for more information visit our website: or follow us on our Facebook Page and Twitter @StemCellMia, or you can also watch our amazing testimonial videos on our YouTube channel.

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