State champs!

State champs!

State champs!The Palmetto Elementary School cheerleaders won the state championship for the elementary division late last month in competition at St. Thomas University. It was the first time that a Palmetto Elementary team ever competed in the tournament. Pictured are (front row l-r) Sabina Ortiz, Brooke Young, Jordan Shapiro, Katherine Cruz-Alvarez, Grace Weinbach, Dylan Shapiro, Alexa Flores, Jamie Loeb, Lisa Winders; (middle row l-r) Alexis Lopez, Niusha Nikpour, Savannah Chadwick, Gabriella Conde, Yanelis Diaz, Jessica Hinchey; (back row l-r) teachercoachesKim McWilliams and Jenna Juan, Nia Papadopulos, Olivia Malone, Jazlyn Ortiz, Brianna Bejar, Zoe Nye, Camila Guerrero, Isabella Varela and Alex Nelson. Congratulations girls!

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