Stem Cells Score a Perfect Game

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Recently, I experienced one of those days that made me feel very proud about the use of stem cells. It would have been accurately described as “a perfect game,” just like my friend, stem cell patient and famous baseball player Tony “Tany” Perez, often would say.

Of the 12 patients I examined yesterday (six weeks after the implantation of their stem cells and as required by our protocol), all of them responded extremely positively to their treatments and none of them had any reported adverse side-effects. I reiterate (as I have done numerous times in the past) that these amazing results are somewhat unusual and basically unparalleled, even when compared to modern medicine standards.

For example, let’s look at the case of Edith L, a cheerful German-Czechoslovakian lady who lives in the Florida Keys that suffered from a very painful osteoarthritis in her knees. She was full of happiness with the results, because thanks to her stem cell treatment, she had even been able to return to her beloved Zumba classes. We are also happy to report that all these amazing improvements were accomplished in only six weeks after her transplant procedure!

We also had the case of Maria O, who had regained the ability to move her right shoulder and such pain had almost completely disappeared, after a severe pain caused by a total rupture of her tendon called “rotator cuff.” Maria had already tried platelet-rich plasma (PRP) at another clinic in the past, but without getting any considerate results from that treatment. However, we must confirm that at our institute, ruptured tendons are treated with stem cells (that are much more effective to treat such condition) rather that with platelet-rich plasma treatments (which are not as effective in that case).

On the other hand, we followed up with Fernando L, an even more interesting case, since the cells in his spine had been implanted two years ago (due to an arthrosis of the lumbar region known as spondylosis), instead of having an invasive surgery, which was repeatedly proposed by many of his doctors. Thanks to our treatment, Fernando’s constant pain had basically diminished, and he had also almost fully recovered his mobility. Two years after his first transplant, he then decided to do the same treatment on his right knee and again, he received very similar results.

Finally, we have the case of Zeida H, who came in initially “somewhat skeptical” about the implementation of stem cells in her arthritic knee, mostly because she was 90 years old and doubted that her stem cells could still work. However, she had already ruled out having an operation for many years and unfortunately, had basically run out of options at this point. To her amazement, she came back six weeks after her procedure and 50 percent of the pain was gone and her mobility had also been recovered (even without taking any pain medications). She then turned to me and joyfully asked: “after these amazing results…what more could I ask for?” However, I explained to her that the best part of this case was that her cells will continue to improve her knee in the coming months and even into the next years of her life!

Of course, every day is not the same and not all patients respond equally, but the chance to improve with our innovative / regenerative treatments are much greater than with any of the current medications or injections, according to our numerous medical studies and statistics gathered up-to-date. So the fact that we can validate that stem cell treatments are extremely powerful, is now undoubtedly irrefutable!

However, the benefits do not end there. Of the almost 3500 patients treated in the last 14 years, none, literally none have experienced a single complication and/or undesirable effect due to the implantation of their own stem cells, a true unmatched accomplishment that we are extremely proud of.

So if you, a family member, or friend need to be evaluated to find out if stem cell treatments are a viable option, please call us at 305-598-7777. If you want to contact the doctor directly, please do so via email: or for more information visit our website: or follow us on our Facebook Page & Twitter @StemCellMia or you can also watch our amazing testimonial videos on our YouTube channel.

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