Stress and our future

”]“My Best Health Portal” describes the following as the most searched health issues of today. The ranking for top ten medical problems including disease and symptomatology:

Rank Condition
1 Back or neck problems
2 Allergies
3 Arthritis or rheumatism
4 Difficulty walking
5 Frequent headaches
6 Lung problems
7 Digestive problems
8 Gynecological problems
9 Anxiety attacks
10 Heart problems or chest pain

Sixty percent of all those searching the internet have stated that they have sought advice from alternative medical practitioners for the above conditions in the last 24 months. As a result 30 percent will visit their primary care physician and most will ultimately walk away from both frustrated.

Stress is the common factor in all of the above examples with the exception of structural issues brought about by an accident. Very few physicians will check for stress as a contributing or causal factor for any of these conditions. Insurance companies do not pay for stress evaluations. However, you do want to manage what hurts you or makes you seriously ill right?

Stress can be chemical, environmental, or a result of childhood trauma. Whatever the cause may be, your body sees stress as a signal to fight or to run away.

Remember that feeling after running a long distance? Your body reacts to stress in the same way. Remember feeling scared? Your body remembers this awkward feeling also. You were not physically engineered to function while scared, sick, or tired. Illness is often nature’s way of saying you are not in balance.

A simple review of functional blood testing suggests to me if a client’s body is showing signs of wear and tear. A saliva test can tell me if your stress chemistry is abnormal.

Environmental reasons are easy to evaluate. By listening to what is occurring at work, in a marriage, with children, or as parents, we can resolve concerns in the above mentioned areas and bring balance.

Childhood issues remain with us in our day dreams. Re-living them produces a stress response that our physical body experiences as real. Looking at these issues with forgiveness can be of great help. We have our own way of addressing these issues confidentially and with care.

Maye Holistic Med is proud of our gentle approach to health issues. Acupuncture is extremely valuable for managing stress. Scalp acupuncture as well as auricular (ear) acupuncture is particularly effective. Chinese herbal pharmacology and homeopathy provide a first line of defense against stress and the chronic illnesses it can cause.

Should you be searching the internet regarding one of the conditions listed at the beginning of this column, please stop and take our free stress test and give us a call. Should you need a referral to a primary care physician or specialist we will be happy to help you.

Dr. Frank Maye, DOM (NMD) is a Diplomate of Naturopathic Medicine and a Diplomate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Maye graduated from Community School of Traditional Chinese Healthcare, Inc. Dr. Maye continued his studies at American Naturopathic Medical Institute where he was awarded a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a designation of (NMD). Along with his private practice, Dr. Maye currently researches for Scintilla Software Industries in the field of Bio-energetics, Resonance Homeopathy, and Nutritional Nano technology.

Dr. Maye can be reached at 305-668-9555 or Visit us at:

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