Students of all ages benefit from tutoring programs at Huntington

The Huntington Learning Center on North Kendall Drive has been successful for so long they now welcome adult alumni students coming back to bring their own children in to benefit from the program. A holistic approach involving exhaustive academic evaluations and individual attention is why the tutoring program at Huntington has excelled since 1986.

“Tutoring means different things to different people.We do not do classroom settings and we do not work in clusters where all of the students are working on the same material regardless of their level of proficiency. After exhaustive testing to determine exactly what skills the student needs to focus on, our teachers work with them on a one to one basis.We are totally dedicated to the student throughout the session,” said Huntington proprietor Robert Santana.

All of the tutor/teachers at Huntington are accredited so the center is able to maintain its established accreditation status from The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. “We do not hire teachers who do not have degrees. Of our staff of 26 teachers, about 20 are Dade County public school teachers and the rest are teachers by profession in area private schools,” said Santana.

The purpose of the initial academic evaluation is to hone in exactly on the area of study where the student has fallen short. “If a student is failing Algebra we do not know why until we test them. Then we may, for example, discover they never mastered fractions and decimals from fourth grade Math. So our next stop would be to fill in those gaps and make sure they understand those concepts before moving on to the next lesson,” said Santana.

Filling in those educational gaps is essential to the ultimate success of the student according to Santana. Instead of a reactive approach that appears to be prevalent in the industry whereby students are essentially getting homework help, the program at Huntington Learning Center is designed to break the tutoring chain.

Learning opportunities at Huntington are not limited to Reading,Writing,Mathematics, Study Skills, Phonics and Vocabulary tutoring for ages 5 to 17 although this is a major element of the program. They also offer high school entrance exam preparation and SAT, PSAT and ACT coaching as well.

“We are seeing Moms coming back to the center who received instruction from us when they were kids and they are now bringing in their own children. So while Mom is brushing up on her Math for the SAT because she plans to go back to school, her third grade daughter is working on her reading skills.We are seeing a lot of that because we have been around for so long and people know about us and know we deliver results,” said Santana.

The results are derived from over 1000 pieces of curriculum utilized by the center including over 300 Math books alone. A combination of the latest resources, one to one instruction and exhaustive progress monitoring with a team of qualified professionals is why Huntington Learning Center sets the standard for successful individualized tutoring of all ages.

To find out more about Huntington Learning Center call 305-598-0686 or visit

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