Superhero Shabbat set for May 30

Superhero Shabbat set for May 30

Rachel Greengrass

What could be better than taking a little time off? Putting away your smart phone and the incessant emailing, work not being able to reach you for a few hours; just you, your children or grandchildren, enjoying good food, good music, relaxation and a bit of fun? Nope, it doesn’t get better than Shabbat. Unless, of course, it’s Superhero Shabbat!

Families with young children are coming together to celebrate Shabbat on May 30 at Temple Beth Am in a really super way – with Super Heroes! All are invited to come as either their daily personas or in their superhero garb.

It’s important that people get to know every side of one another. Dressing up as superheroes allows children (and adults) to explore their altruistic sides. If you had a superpower, what would it be? How would you use it to make the world a better place? These are important, and fun, conversations!

There will be a Shabbat worship service created especially for the evening that is appropriate for children ages up to eight years old that includes, music, dancing, a story and more. Immediately following the service, a super Shabbat meal will be served (no krypton allowed) amongst bounce houses, music, games and even a small riding train.

There has been a great collaboration between amongst the membership committee and the families with young children. We are so proud to be offering this fun evening for our families to celebrate Shabbat and to get to know one another. Over the past year, Temple Beth Am has hosted four other large family Shabbat experiences. From Disney Shabbat to Under the Sea Shabbat, Beth Am has found that families respond to Shabbat evenings that are made with their needs and interests in mind.

Our families are always invited to Shabbat services, but as a mother with young children I know that children need to eat and go to bed on a certain schedule. This early service and meal allows a family to come and have a meaningful experience without worrying about rushing home for dinner. Plus, the kids love the characters. Who wouldn’t want to meet a real life Superhero?

These Shabbat evenings have been a big draw for the community with hundreds of congregants attending and attendance climbing for each subsequent event.

“We want our families to know that we hear them, we listen to their needs and we want them to be at home here,” said membership director Rita Diaz. “I am proud of these character Shabbats and love throwing them, as well as bringing my granddaughter to enjoy them.”

If you would like to join us for Shabbat services, they are open to everyone and free of charge. To register for the dinner, call 305-667-6667, ext.107. For more information, go to

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