The Magic of Pinecrest, Fl

pinecrest-gardens-main-entranceKnown for its lazy suburban beauty the Village of Pinecrest, Florida located in Miami-Dade County it has a mere population of around 19,055 according to the 2000 census. One of the things that attracts hundreds of people to Pinecrest each year is the fact that you can just unwind in a surreal environment which feels like something out of the 1960s era. This beautiful village is officially governed by five member councils and is operated by the Council-Manager type government.

Humble Beginnings
Original first used at around the 1900s by a pioneer businessman, and railroad tycoon named Henry Flagler it wasn’t until many decades ago did Pinecrest originally kick off as an actual village. The property was originally used as a staging area to construct an overseas Railroad which led to Florida Keys. The original staging areas were Southwest 102 street and U.S.1.
Early History

The area actually began to grow during the 1930s, era which over the years evolved into a fully functional community which initially began to revolve around its first tourist attractions in the area of Miami. These attractions included Gardens and Parrot Jungle. Parrot Jungle was the brainchild of Franz and Louise Scherr who founded the attraction in 1936 on a property near the RedRoad and the Southwest 111 Street. This attraction began to grow in popularity first around the United States and then internationally. Some of the more high profile visitors to the Parrot Jungle included Sir Winston Churchill.


The Parrot Jungle

The idea of building a huge Parrot Jungle began when Scherr was the owner and operator of a bird feed and supply store located in Homestead, Florida. Over the years he began to mull over the idea of building a super huge attraction where birds and in particular parrots could easily fly around giving people a chance to view and enjoy the birds in their natural habitat. In order to realize his vision he rented around 20 acres of land for an annual $25.
He then began getting the Jungle construced with a winding nature trial which was dug right through the coral rock and the hammock land both of which were pretty difficult to dig through back then. However he made sure that all the natural plants there were not damaged in any way. He then proceeded with getting the entrance constructed on Red Road. This attraction then officially began welcoming its first guests on December 20th 1936. The attraction initially welcomed just 100 guests and each paid 25 cents as a admission fee to hear Scherr explain everything about the birds and to view them live.
One of the biggest attractions in America

However parrot jungle has since attracted well over a million visitors and has become a world known attraction. The village of Pinecrest then acquired the Parrot Jungle in 2002 by purchasing it from the owner. With the task of developing a group of gardens called Pinecrest Gardens. Around a few months later the gardens were opened to the public as one of the village’s newest parks. However the attraction quickly moved to Watson Island located between Miami Beach and Downtown Miami. It was then re-launched as Parrot Jungle Island and has since become a major source of revenue for the Village of Pinecrest.
Pinecrest Today
While many people may know this as a calm and tranquil place to spend their vacations many others come exclusively for its biggest attraction. In addition the municipality has also established a number of other attractions which helps keep young kids and adults busy while they are trying to spend a few days away from all the hustle and bustle of regular life.

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