There is no redo

What is the most precious commodity on this earth? Is it gold? Platinum? Diamonds? None of them. The most precious commodity on this earth is a four letter word – TIME.

TIME stands for four important words. This Is My Experience and that is what your life is. You are writing your own biography. How you spend your time determines the quality of your life. Remember these immutable facts:

• Time is a non-renewable and irretrievable commodity.

• None of us know the amount of time we will live on this earth.

As each second of life passes, it is forever gone. Each second of the present and all preceding seconds cannot be redone. The message is clear; you must utilize your time wisely. Laziness, fear, and lack of direction will destroy your time and your life. Guard your time jealously. Always ask yourself if what you are doing, who you are with and what you are thinking is the best use of your time. If the answer to your question is “no” change gears and move on.

Here is an analogy. Suppose you want to build a high-rise apartment complex. First you must purchase an empty parcel of land. However it is overgrown with weeds and trash litters the landscape. Before you can build you must clear the land. Similarly, before you can build a successful, satisfying life you must clear the area of bad habits and ineffective behaviors.

Our first order of business is to identify time wasters. I challenge you to do so by keeping a log of your daily activities for one week. You will be shocked when you are confronted with the amount of time you waste. Identifying and eliminating time wasters is the first step in re-taking control of your life. We must utilize effective strategies to regain that control. How often do you waste time doing things you simply do not want to do?

Strategy: Use the most powerful word – no! Saying “no” to what is not right for you is incredibly empowering. Using this word is saying, “I know what I want for myself. I know what I like and I will conduct my life in such a way as to be consistent with who I am. I will not waste my irreplaceable time.” Saying “No” keeps the power in your hands where it belongs. Life and time are far too short to waste on people you do not choose to associate with, activities you do not enjoy, places you do not want to visit, events you do not wish to attend and sales people whose products do not interest you.

How many hours of irreplaceable time could you save by implementing this strategy alone? Your assignment is to complete a time sheet of your activities over the next week. Identify those activities that are out of sync with your preferred use of time. Identify how many hours you have wasted by saying “yes” when you really wanted to say “no”? Remember, there is no redo.

Dr. Larry Benovitz is a board certified psychiatrist practicing for more than 30 years. Direct questions and comments to Dr. Benovitz at <>. HEALTH & MEDICINE

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