Third annual ‘Fit Kids Day’ set for May 3 at Greer Park

Third annual ‘Fit Kids Day’ set for May 3 at Greer Park

Pictured are the Fit Kids Day Pinecrest Ambassadors. They are (l-r) Ana Lucia Perla, Lauren Marx, Catie Garcia and Gerardo Perla, all from Ransom Everglades; Garrett Kraft and Megan Garcia, from Gulliver Academy.

The Village’s third annual Fit Kids Day will take place on Saturday, May 3, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Evelyn Greer Park, 8200 SW 124 St.

Fit Kids Day was created by kids for kids — with the aid and assistance of the Pinecrest Parks and Recreation Department — to focus awareness on childhood obesity. The event introduces children to sports to encourage them to spend more time being active outside while having fun.

On tap at this year’s Fit Kids Day are tennis drills, soccer training, martial arts, baseball games, lacrosse demonstrations, Zumba and relaxation techniques.

Nutritionists will be available with information about healthy eating and giving cooking demonstrations.

Eduardo Bricenos-Saez, a senior Fit Kids Day student ambassador, and other young ambassadors have been planning the day since January.

“I think that our hard work and long preparation for Fit Kids Day is worth the effort because it spreads the message that a healthy kid is a healthy adult,” said 12-yearold Bricenos-Saez, a seventh grader at Gulliver Academy. “Being part of Fit Kids Day has made me realize that kids have a voice in the community and that we can make positive changes if we all work together.”

Third annual ‘Fit Kids Day’ set for May 3 at Greer Park

Pictured are the Pinecrest Senior Ambassador Chairs Eduardo Bricenos-Saez (left), from Gulliver Academy, and Catie Garcia from Ransom Everglades.

Garrett Kraft, 14, is also a Gulliver student. He joined the Fit Kids Day movement to help spread the word that small changes in diet and daily routines translate to a healthier lifestyle.

“I believe the role I play as an ambassador for Fit Kids Day is very important to my community because I can help others learn about maintaining healthy life habits like eating healthy and exercising,” said Kraft, an eighth grader.

Catie Garcia, 13, is a Fit Kids Day founding student ambassador. For three years she has been spreading the word about childhood obesity and its implications.

“Fit Kids Day has given me an opportunity to make a difference one city at a time,” said Garcia, an eighth grader at Ransom Everglades School. “It’s a fun way to let kids know that nutritious food can actually taste good, and that playing sports and keeping active is the key to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier future,”

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