This Dog’s for You – Millie

This Dog’s for You - MillieThis is Millie, a young Terrier mix. If you mix one part cuteness, two parts sweetness and a ton of love, you get Millie. She came to us from a nursery where she was fed from scraps that people tossed her way and yet she has turned out to be a gem of a dog. She always seems to be in a happy and delightful mood. She has a moderate level of energy, is very social, loves people and gets along great with other dogs – all of which makes her a terrific addition to just about any home. She weighs about 25 pounds, making her a great size for someone living in an apartment or a house. Millie is quite young and she came to us with four puppies, all of which have been adopted. But, as is normally the case, the babies go fast, but mommy stays behind waiting for her chance at a forever home. If you would like to meet Millie and possibly offer her a lifetime of well-deserved affection, please contact Born Free Pet Shelter at 305-361- 5507 or go to

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