Top 10 tips for keeping your sanity during the holiday

The holidays are in full-swing!

Why do we attempt superhuman acts during this time of year as we struggle to jam a year’s worth of celebration, shopping, cooking and gift-giving into just a few short weeks at holiday time? What if there was a way to relax into the holidays with less stress and more happiness? Here are 10 powerful ideas to help you do that:

• Reconnect with the reason for the season — Our society is more and more focused on the commercialism of the holidays. We are bombarded with ads and reminders about how we should celebrate the holidays. Rediscover the meaning of the holiday for you personally and decide to celebrate in a way that works for you rather than how others say you should do.

• Manage expectations — Set realistic expectations. Give yourself permission to let go of trying to be superhuman in order to create a perfect holiday. Be patient with yourself and do the best you can, trusting that the holiday will be perfect however it turns out.

• Simplify — Less is more. Cut back on everything, including decorations, food, gifts and activities. Think creatively about alternatives to expensive gift giving; consider giving a hand-made gift or giving the gift of your time.

• Give without expecting anything in return — Give from a heart space of generosity with no regard for what you get back. Rather than begrudge another for not reciprocating with an expected gift, keep the focus on giving.

• Avoid the chaos — The mall is a zoo, traffic is horrendous, lines are long and people are cranky. Consider alternatives to traditional shopping. Buy online, send baskets, order ready-made dishes for entertaining and avoid the madness.

• Ask for help — Get the support you need to be your best during the holidays. Other people are usually happy to help when needed. Look for ways to outsource, delegate and automate so that you have the help you need.

• Start a new tradition — Traditions are comforting. They provide a sense of stability in an ever-changing world. Consider starting a new tradition, maybe caroling, watching holiday movies, giving to a charity, or just spending a quite family evening at home.

• Say yes to yourself — If you’re a person who always says yes to everyone else, try saying no for a change. Say yes to yourself. Do something that makes you feel great. Schedule time just for you – to relax, exercise, meditate – whatever makes you feel renewed and refreshed.

• Express gratitude — Look at the blessings in your life and actively feel thankful. Appreciation has a multiplier effect and creates even more blessing. It lightens your spirit and helps you focus on the good that is happening.

• Don’t forget to enjoy the holidays and have some fun — The added stress of the holidays can detract from the enjoyment if you are constantly chasing a schedule, stretching your budget to the max with gift giving and extra purchases, feeling exhausted, impatient or frustrated. Let go and have some fun!

Give yourself the gift of coaching this holiday season and get started making changes to empower yourself for success.

Pat Morgan has an MBA and is a professional coach. She works with busy professionals to help them become more profitable and productive by capitalizing on their strengths, improving habits for balance and wellness, and taking focused action to create powerful change. She may be contacted by calling 305-458-2849, by email at or go to

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