True Healing comes from within

Let’s look at our Health. Most people wake up and say, “Well, I’m ok because I opened my eyes and I’m still here.” But if one is honest with oneself, he or she is living in less than perfect health and doing nothing to change the situation. Why is that? Because we live in a Sick Care Model. We wait for the problem to magically disappear, (aka get use to it), or self-prescribe some over the counter medication to see if it will help, (hide), the symptom.

Now let’s look at a Health Care Model. You were created perfectly in the womb with no outside assistance, with just the in-born intelligence of the body, the same intelligence that runs the Universe. The first organs that formed were your Brain and Nervous System which then directed the production of the rest of your body.

Physical symptoms are the body’s alarm system letting us know that some organ or organ systems are not functioning optimally, at 100%. True healing comes from within. We all hold the Power within us to heal. We have to allow the body to maintain its checks and balances thru proper neurological function. This requires more than swallowing a pill that will only affect the symptom and not the root cause. If medication alone could fix the cause you would not have to refill a prescription.

Looking out for You. Victor Estevez D.C. Pinecrest Chiropractic 8239-A S.W. 124 St 305.234.4725

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