We the People

As of 2010, Florida has been ranked 43rd in per-student educational funding with respect to the rest of the nation, and the state has continued to cut back on funding for educational programs. We the People is a stimulated congressional hearing competition that provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of constitutional principles and ideas. This Program inspires active citizenship among the students, and enables them to form opinions on important present day issues. Many schools in Florida partake in this competition but only one can represent the state at the national level. On January 11th, 2013, that school was Miami Killian Senior High School. The school holds a legacy of sorts, having reached national level numerous times in the past. Killian earned its proud “A” grade this year, and the members of theWe the People team certainly reflect that pride and capability.

This year, the Killian We the People team faced many staggering challenges- a new teacher, for one, who had never taught the course before, and a single student mentor for all six competitive units. “Everyone doubted the capability of the team this year due to the many hindrances it faced, but I never lost hope, and the hard work paid off” says Veronica Joubert, the student mentor. The students themselves seem like almost a breathing analogy for the founding principles of our nation, being from a variety of backgrounds and creeds and never failing to come together as a team, tied together by the constitution. They juggle a challenging curriculum in addition to preparing for the competition, many of them are involved in Advanced Placement classes or holding jobs. Still, the students display their dedication by practicing after school, on holiday breaks, and on weekends.

Despite all of these challenges, Killian’s team pulled through and is now qualified to move on to represent Florida on a national level. Unfortunately, the trip’s price is nothing to sneeze at- just $30,100.00, with a $6,900.00 deposit on February 15, 2013. The students are now faced with a lack of funding from both the state and the federal government. This incredible program used to receive federal funding, but is now receiving only meager educational funding. So the students are fundraising and holding events at the school, as well as looking to the community and state for donations. If you would like to donate for Miami Killian’s We the People team to represent your state at the national competition, please make all checks out to Miami Killian Senior High School , with a letter specifying that the money is going to theWe The People team.

If you have any questions please contact the principal of the school Mr. Ennis, at www.Tennis.dadeschools.net.

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