What is success?

How do you define success? It is interesting how many people are unclear about what success means to them. Uncertain about what they want in life, they drift with the current and stray from their vision for a successful life. Success is different for each of us. The majority of people share some common desires for success, like a safe, comfortable home, happy relationships, a fulfilling profession and a healthy lifestyle.

What would your life look like if you were clear about what would truly make you happy? What if you then made it a priority and started taking action on it? What if you created a life centered around wellness, longevity and inner peace? What if you had support in creating a less stressful lifestyle, inspiration and guidance to set and reach more fulfilling goals, and you had better skills and the ability to sustain these changes easily?

One of the greatest successes in life is good health. Without our health, nothing else matters very much. When we don’t feel well, lack energy, have pain or discomfort in our bodies, it is impossible to be our best at work, at home or in our relationships. Life lacks vibrancy and joy without good health.

The importance of good health was driven home recently when Karen, a client I have worked with this past year, found herself facing a serious health challenge. After 25 years as a super successful sales professional, wife and mother of two beautiful children, Karen’s perspective on success was suddenly changed.

Her stressful lifestyle, poor dietary choices and lack of exercise had finally caught up with her. She was overweight, undernourished, tired and now sick. Karen decided to make changes to strengthen her body and improve the odds for overcoming a disease that could eventually require surgery or invasive treatment to correct. She chose a healthy diet and added a good supplement to ensure proper nutrition. She started walking every morning and made exercising a priority. She began to have more energy and feel better about herself as a result. When she returned to the doctor for follow up testing, all results were excellent and her health was much improved.

I have found over the years that when I make my health and well-being a priority along with good nutrition, I not only feel better, more energized and happier, but every aspect of my life seems to work better. I am much better at work, more focused and productive; I enjoy each day more, my relationships work better, I attract new business more easily and I like myself much more.

Without good health, it is impossible to be your best. What changes will you make for your health and well being? The trick to success in any endeavor is daily choices that take you step by step in the direction of your goal. Here’s to your success! To schedule your discovery session, call or email me.

Pat Morgan, MBA and professional coach, works with busy professionals to help them become more profitable and productive by capitalizing on their strengths and taking focused action to create powerful change. Call her at 305-458-2849, email PatMorgan@SmoothSailingSuccess.com or visit her website at www.SmoothSailingSuccess.com

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