Positive PEOPLE in Pinecrest – Anike Niemeyer

Positive PEOPLE in Pinecrest - Anike Niemeyer


Making movies, creating music and riding horses are just a few of Gulliver Prep senior Anike Niemeyer’s passions.

“I want to be a director when I want to grow up,” she says. “As a career I’m looking at working in film.”

Almost every summer, Niemeyer takes a course in film making, including several at the New York Film Academy and New York University. A couple of the films that she has made have been submitted to film festivals and she has had her films screened at the Indy Film Club Film Festival in Miami.

“They have a film festival once a month,” she says. “I found out about the club and submitted a film. They accepted the first one Love is Blind, which is in black and white on actual film, and they have shown it.”

Niemeyer also made a digital film this past summer called Voices. She wrote the script and also directed the movie.

“This one is different because I hired real actors,” she says. “I had to manage several different actors on a professional film production set. It was exciting.”

Niemeyer put out a casting call for actors and those that contacted her were willing to work for free.

“I described the characters and actors that could play the characters,” she says. “I would look at the resume and talk to the actors. I tried to get every actor to understand their character. I don’t think you should focus on just the main character. I worked with all of them. I had six actors on set.”

All of her films are on You Tube; she has her own channel. Her music is featured as well.

“I also play guitar,” she says. “I’ve been in a several bands over the years and I’ve written a couple of songs and recorded them in a studio.

The second song I produced. I recorded in Brazil. My uncle is in a band in Brazil and I worked with him on a few songs. I can use the music that I write in my movies. It’s a really nice to be able to write music and produce films.”

To move ahead in her chosen career, she is applying to such Ivy League colleges as Brown, Yale and Harvard. She is also applying to universities with good film schools such as USC, NYU and UCLA.

When not working on music or films, Niemeyer enjoys riding horses. She has been riding for six years and enters competitions in Plantation and Tropical Park. She also participates in national competitions in Wellington.

“In the local shows, I think I made it to fourth place over all,” she says, adding that she would need to compete more often to be ranked nationally.

At school, Niemeyer is on Raider Vision, the student morning news program.

“I’ve been involved in that ever since I got to high school,” she says. “I wrote movie reviews. Now that I’m more experienced, I do the anchor job. I love doing news and journalism as well as film.”

Niemeyer relaxes by knitting. In fact, she was in the Gulliver knitting club for two years.

“We had a lot of projects like knitting hats and I would make stuffed animals. I like doing crafts,” she says. “Our plan was to donate them to hospitals. We wanted to get a large quantity before we donated.”

Niemeyer volunteered for a year as a member of the Twenty Little Working Girls service club and as a camp counselor at a barn teaching kids how to work with horses and how to ride.

By Linda Rodriguez Bernfeld

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