Welcome to MDX’s “Tree Million Dollar” Highway Paradise!

Our toll dollars sure can buy a lot of trees from Manuel Diaz Farms! On the 874 in Kendall alone Miami-Dade Expressway Authority has “rubber stamped” another very expensive landscaping project. To the tune of $3,000,000.00(Tree Million). And of course every inch of land and space has been used by MD Farms to plant a tree, palm or bush.

While one can’t argue that the work does not look very nice, there are those South Florida toll payers that believe it is excessive. Especially in a slow economy with many people out 874 palm treesof work and having to pay high gas prices. Not to mention the high cost of tolls! This in many ways shows just how out of touch MDX board members are with the toll paying public. Who do they represent? The people trying to keep their homes, get to work on time and pay their bills or do they represent Manuel Diaz Farms. One good look at the extravagant nature of the landscaping cost and you’d be wondering yourself. In fact take a look at the full cost details and make up your own mind.

Years have gone by since MDX first started talking about a customer reward program or discounts for frequent users or students. And they have come up with zero. We have asked them to consider rolling back toll rates since they are taking in 25% more revenue with Open Road Tolling. Again, nothing but the same old lines about their indenture obligation with the bond holders. I wonder if MDX’s bond rating by Fitch or Moody’s would be affected if they did not spend all the money they got from the bond sale? Is that it? Or is some sort of backdoor deal going on here? This is Miami.

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