South Dade Updates

From Pinecrest e-news: Pinecrest council co-sponsors October is National Bullying Prevention Month with 5 area schools. Can they help Palmetto Bay?

No to bullies

Mayor Cindy Lerner has established a great working relationship with the Pinecrest Public Schools. Check out the latest Pinecrest E-News. Pinecrest kicked-off the No Place for Hate program, an anti-bullying initiative, for the coming year in collaboration with five public schools. As part of the initiative, Pinecrest held a community …

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An unfair tale of two cities: An open letter to Mayor Stanczyk: Let’s compare Palmetto Bay to Key Biscayne which now has planned for more $13 million in unallocated reserves, not the City of Miami when budgeting.

Budget over spending

Palmetto Bay is not the City of Miami. It should be compared to the Village of Key Biscayne where the Key Biscayne Council just passed their budget with a $1.3 million surplus which will be added to the $12 million that the Village had in the bank.  This in the …

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