CCOCI attorney Tucker Gibbs Registered Lobbyist before Palmetto Bay on Child Day Care facilities

Attorney Tucker Gibbs represents homeowner groups, he has represented groups in Palmetto Bay such as the Concerned Citizens of Old Cutler, Inc. (CCOCI), he has represented current council member Joan Lindsay (check the disclosure by clicking below) and he has represented a group known as the Falls Preschool, LLC,(located at 600 SW First Street, Miami, FL 33130) before the Palmetto Bay Village Council. CLICK HERE view the registration package, receipt and lobbyist disclosure.

Tucker Gibbs has registered to be a lobbyist and has lobbied the council on legislation. That makes Tucker Gibbs a lobbyist. So what is the issue with lobbyists by certain special interest groups in Palmetto Bay?

There is more to follow. Stay tuned.

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  1. My, my, my, the members of CCOCI sure do employ a double standard.

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