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From Pinecrest e-news: Pinecrest council co-sponsors October is National Bullying Prevention Month with 5 area schools. Can they help Palmetto Bay?

Mayor Cindy Lerner has established a great working relationship with the Pinecrest Public Schools. Check out the latest Pinecrest E-News. Pinecrest kicked-off the No Place for Hate program, an anti-bullying initiative, for the coming year in collaboration with five public schools. As part of the initiative, Pinecrest held a community event on September 21st celebrating International Day of Peace at Pinecrest Gardens.
Pinecrest’s goal is to become eligible to be designated a Community of Respect by the Anti-Defamation League. The Peace Day Celebration was a very special evening made possible by a committee chaired by Kathy Hersh, an anti-bully expert, and Julie Ascuto, guidance counselor at Palmetto Elementary School. The Melissa Institute, Youth Crime Watch and Anti-Defamation League, as well as several Girl Scout troops participated as well.Perhaps some of this could rub off on the Palmetto Bay council, who despite now reading the decorum ordinance for every meeting, still suffers from  a lake of peace and honest idea exchange at meetings where the current Mayor and other from the council continue to interrupt and bully unpopular speakers.

I once hoped that drawing attention to this situation would lead to a change in behavior, see a prior post of 7/19/2012: Another example of bad leadership: Shelley Stanczyk and her bizarro world of one-sided decorum in Palmetto Bay. Unfortunately it still continues, and is perhaps even amping up, as evidenced in South Dade Matters on 10/2/2012: PB:Stanczyk calls a resident a liar; Lindsay’s disgrace. This is a real shame for the Palmetto Bay community as the mayor and certain council members should be working hard to set proper standards of behavior for our youth. Palmetto Bay deserves better.Perhaps the youth, the participants and sponsors at the Pinecrest program can come south and help calm the Palmetto Bay Council meetings and create a community of respect here in Palmetto Bay.

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  1. Palmetto Bay should should celebrate anti-bullying month. The best way to celebrate would be to not hold a meeting in October. It is the only way to stamp out bullying for a month.

    score 3 putz and 2 in the minority council members praying that the voters give the, a 3rd rational vote on November 6.

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