Pets’ Trust update – Mayor Stanczyk, It is time to publicly take a stand

Yes, once again I am calling out current Palmetto Bay Shelley Stanczyk and calling upon her to get off the fence and take a positive stand.  Madam Mayor, you have attended the Pets’ Trust events and participated in the Photo Ops. Now it is time to state your support publicly for the Pets’ Trust.  Are you in or not?  Palmetto Bay is home to Friends Forever, Paws4You Rescue and The Cat Network (no slight intended to other groups, I just do not have your links) as well as a wonderful Dog Park I was proud to participate in its design and development, to see it come on line when I was Mayor of Palmetto Bay. Members of these groups work hard for an outstanding and important cause. It is time to provide some support to them.

Mr. Rosenberg congratulates the Pinecrest Mayor, calling for a big round of applause for Mayor Cindy Lerner who has created a wonderful letter that is going to all the Mayors of Dade County asking for support.  Thank you Cindy.  Let’s get ALL the Mayors to sign your letter.”

We are getting close to the straw vote. It is time for action.  I request that Mayor Stanczyk participate at minimum by signing the letter and propose further that the entire council pass a resolution affirming that you recommend support for the Pets’ Trust.  The October council meeting is the last regular council meeting prior to the straw vote to be taken at the November election. Technically there is the November meeting, but it may be cancelled due to the election the next day.  This is your last opportunity to get off the fence and take a stand.  Do it!

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1 Comment on "Pets’ Trust update – Mayor Stanczyk, It is time to publicly take a stand"

  1. TIredOfThisCrew | September 22, 2012 at 5:33 pm | Reply

    You can bet that the mayor will not take a stand. She is worthless.

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