Pets’ Trust Update

A message from Michael Rosenberg, President, Pets’ Trust:

To the wonderful supporters of The Pets’ Trust…..

Two weeks from tonight (starting the evening of October 5th), while all of you are comfy in your beds…..I will be spending my first night in the cages of animal services. I will be surrendered just as any other animal is around 5:00 that evening. Attached you will find a photo of my new home. It’s not going to be easy, but with our lack of funding, and trying to win a county wide election…there is just no choice. Animals Services has been extremely cooperative in preparing for this and we have two goals….

(1) Empty out the cages at Animals Services that weekend. Let’s have me…be the only living thing left…..if I survive!!
(2) Promoting the Pets’ Trust to the community as we have an election to win.

When I first thought of the idea of the Pets’ Trust, I had no idea it would lead to me living with the animals at some future date, which is now fast approaching. But, when I went to shoot the photos, I discovered that I will have some very nice and loving neighbors. So, late at night, when everyone is gone…and it is just me and the dogs…and cats….. we’ll just enjoy the evening, take in the fragrance…and await the next morning and hope enough visitors come to adopt everyone….and LEAVE ME.

Cesar Millan, who is quickly becoming a friend, sent me a short video. That was very kind of him. See attachment.

Also…a big round of applause for Mayor Cindy Lerner who has created a wonderful letter that is going to all the Mayors of Dade County asking for support. Thank you Cindy. Let’s get ALL the Mayors to sign your letter.

Several people told me they will be bringing their children to witness this because it will be a great educational opportunity. So….spread the word and have a great laugh at my photo. Send this email everywhere. Post the photo everywhere. This is our introduction to the public. Share the message from Cesar..

My couple of days in the cage, is nothing compared to the heroics of all the rescuers. You guys are the real heroes, and will continue to be rescuers after the Pets’ Trust wins. I just want to make sure it wins.

As always…..we can never have enough volunteers. Please keep calling.

Lastly…I hope many of you will come and visit me over that weekend. It won’t be the best of conditions, but just as my neighbors..the doggies…have that unconditional love….I’ll probably be in such a state that even I will have unconditional love as well!!!

I hope to see you from inside the cages…..

Michael Rosenberg
President Pets’ Trust

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