PRP gets Affiliated Healthcare patients ‘back in the game,’ fast and surgery-free

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“You don’t have to follow Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and Tiger Woods to Germany anymore for advanced treatment of traumatic injury,” says Dr. Barry Burak F.A.C.C., Chiropractic Physician, founder and CEO of Affiliated Healthcare Centers. That’s because the very same platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment that celebrities have been getting in Europe is now available right here in South Miami.

“The reason professional athletes seek out PRP therapy is because they don’t want surgery,” says Dr. Burak. “They simply don’t want to be out of the game that long – in fact nobody does.”

And now, no one needs to be.

Athletes and everyday people with injuries are discovering the benefits of platelet-rich plasma treatment, the new wave in pain management and trauma-type injury care now offered at Affiliated Healthcare’s main center at 8000 SW 67th Ave. in South Miami.

“We’re doing it all here,” says Dr. Burak. “We’re using PRP to take care of people, getting them healthy, and we’re doing it without surgery.

PRP is a highly effective process that uses a patient’s own blood to repair damaged tissue and promote the healing of musculoskeletal conditions. “It’s like unleashing a team of healing cells right into your own bloodstream, using your own blood product,” he says.  You separate enriched platelets from a patient’s own whole blood, and reintroduce the power-packed concentration of platelets back into the patient’s body. PRP reduces inflammation, controls infection, and promotes an important process called “angiogenesis” – the growth of new capillary blood vessels, which is essential to heal bones and soft tissues.

“Our specially trained Physicians take a tube of blood from your arm, spin it so that the white platelets come to the top, mix in an activating agent, and then inject PRP directly into the damaged knee or shoulder – that’s what heals the body,” he said.

Clearly, PRP can help in the healing process, but when PRP combines with embryonic stem cells, it takes the treatment to a totally different level,” he added. Stem cells are at the core of the body’s tissue-regeneration process. PRP actually serves to boost the effects of stem cells at the injury site, so it literally serves as a one-two punch during the healing process.

Dr. Burak says this treatment is typically provided over three sessions that consists of first injecting PRP into the damaged tissue, followed by an injection of PRP plus stem cells, and finally one last dose of PRP. “It’s an approach that helps everyone from a 77-year-old suffering with bone-on-bone problems, to a ball player injured in a game, to anyone hurt in a car accident – even victims of assault.”

PRP is also being used to treat aging patients concerned with lines, bags, and scars, he noted. “The Kardashian sisters are actually calling it the ‘vampire facelift,’ but it’s really cool and really simple.”  In fact, Dr. Burak even used PRP and embryonic stem cells on his own scalp. “The new treatment takes hair that’s dormant and grows it again – and now my hair is filling in, turning black, and looking younger – which is what all of us want.”

PRP is also being used for neck and back pain on a limited basis, a treatment that is administered in-house at AHC by a board-certified neurosurgeon. “Naturally, most people do not want to get surgery – and I am one of them, so soon I will be doing PRP in my lower back also,” he said.

Founded 38 years ago, Affiliated Healthcare Centers is a multi-discipline coalition of chiropractic and medical specialists whose combined expertise provides the best and most comprehensive treatment of all forms of personal injuries – conveniently and affordably.

“We take care of every aspect of injury treatment and coordinate all of your quality care under the same banner, so nothing is overlooked,” says Dr. Burak. His team of almost 50 professionals and staff in five locations across South Florida include chiropractic physicians, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists and pain management specialists to podiatrists, plastic surgeons, and psychologists.

Other than this new therapy, Affiliated Healthcare offers a full spectrum of surgical and non-surgical treatments including interventional pain management, physical therapy, rehabilitative therapy, spinal decompression, spinal cord stimulation, radiofrequency ablation, and ENG/VNG testing. Surgical procedures are performed on-site in a state of-the-art surgical suite at Affiliated Healthcare’s main South Miami office and are is overseen daily by Dr. Burak and Dr. Allen Garcia, D.C.

According to Dr. Burak, “Everyone who faces traumatic injury wants to get rid of the pain and get back in the game. PRP is the answer.”

In addition to South Miami, Affiliated Healthcare Centers, Inc., has offices in Homestead,  Pembroke Pines, Tavernier, and West Kendall. For more information, call 305-666-8883 or visit

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