South Miami Audiology Consultants are your hearing healthcare professionals

South Miami Audiology Consultants are your hearing healthcare professionals

Cindy Simon, Au.D., (left) and Andrea Pernick, Au.D., of
South Miami Audiology Consultants are committed to
helping their patients take good care of their hearing.

Hearing loss is an increasing health concern in the U.S., affecting more than 36 million American adults. In many cases, hearing loss is preventable. Audiologists Cindy Simon, Au.D., and Andrea Pernick, Au.D., of South Miami Audiology Consultants, have cared for their patients’ general hearing health for more than 30 years. To better serve their patients, the pair relocated their South Miami practice to One 7000 Place in 2011, and moved into their newly renovated thirdfloor suite last fall.

Drs. Simon and Pernick provide comprehensive hearing evaluations and treatment options, including hearing aids, assistive listening devices and hearing rehabilitation, for infants, children and adults. They also treat patients experiencing dizziness and those suffering from tinnitus or misophonia.

“Many people tend to ignore hearing issues and don’t receive the assistance they need,” Dr. Pernick said. “Hearing loss can affect people’s lives at work and home, and lead people to withdraw from social situations.”

If you think your hearing is deteriorating, the doctors recommend seeking treatment early. “If left untreated, you can lose the ability to understand words and tolerate sounds,” said Dr. Simon. “It’s easier to adapt to hearing aids when the hearing loss is minimal.”

This is not your grandfather’s hearing aid.Today’s advanced technology digital hearing aids are small, sleek and super high-tech, offering superior sound quality and improved clarity. The tiny devices fit behind the ear and have a virtually invisible wire that wraps around and goes into the ear. Some hearing aids now connect wirelessly and seamlessly to cell and landline phones, TVs, computers and other electronic devices.

“Today’s hearing aids come in colors to match the color of your hair or eyeglasses. They are even waterproof and can be worn in the shower,” said Dr. Simon.

Drs. Simon and Pernick also help their patients obtain special devices and services that improve their quality of life. CaptionCall, a speech telephone available to the community from the FCC, is easy to operate and displays every word of a telephone conversation in real time on its seven-inch screen.

Hearing aids, noise generators and other high-tech combination devices may also be used to treat people with tinnitus or misophonia. Tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ear, affects as many as 85 percent of people with hearing loss. People who have misophonia are most commonly annoyed, or even enraged, by such ordinary sounds as other people chewing, breathing, sneezing, yawning, snoring or coughing or other repetitive sounds. This condition can cause intense anxiety and lead to decreased socialization.

To help people protect their hearing and avoid hearing loss, the licensed/certified audiologists also provide custom-fitted ear protection to those who are exposed to loud noise. In other words, don’t rely on drugstore earplugs to protect your hearing.

“These custom-fitted earplugs still allow you to hear high-quality sound – just at a comfortable and safe level,” Dr. Pernick said.

The doctors recommend everyone over age 50 receive a baseline hearing test. When patients visit South Miami Audiology Consultants, they will experience a warm and comfortable atmosphere in a new suite that houses state-of-the-art audiology diagnostic equipment. Visitors will also enjoy the building’s amenities, which include renovated common areas and elevators and covered parking that attaches to each floor of the building, allowing easy access to the many healthcare practitioners who call One 7000 Place home.

“We provide quality care in a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere,” said Dr. Simon. “Our patients are seen quickly, with very little wait time. We take the time to get to know our patients – and they become like family.”

South Miami Audiology Consultants is located at 7000 SW 62 Ave., Suite 315.

For more information, call 305-663-0505 or visit

For more information on One 7000 Place, managed by Healthcare Realty, contact Wayne E. Stringer, president, Stringer Realty Services, Inc., at 305-772-2801.

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