South Miami Middle Community School’s “The Power of One”

SMMCS-New-Logo-2014-15“My students often ask me why I am always so happy, always smiling, and laughing.  I tell them that I simply wake up each day with one mission, to make a difference in the life of someone else.  I tell them that my life is so filled with so many blessings because I am always thinking of others.  We all know that Karma will bring back to us what we put out into the world.  If this is true I choose to put out love and kindness.”

–Robert Rabelo, Teacher/Founder of The Power of One

On Tuesday, December 8th, 2015, South Miami Middle School was happy to invite its community to the induction ceremony of The Power of One, held at 6:00 pm. The ceremony was in the auditorium at South Miami Middle Community School, located on 6750 SW 60th St.

With humble beginnings as a yearbook group, The Power of One, started by Mr. Robert Rabelo, this group of students dedicate themselves to acts of random kindness. The goal of Mr. Rabelo and his students is to provide assistance to the community by going out of their way spread cheer and well wishes.

Two active members of the Victoria Bonito and her daughter, 13 year old Mary Alexa attended the ceremony and helped behind the scenes of the club. The mother daughter duo spent their time inventorying the necessary items for the ceremony.

The Power of One also participates in other community activities, some of which will be within the coming weeks and months. One of their most recent projects was their Teddy Bear Drive for the South Miami Police Department as part of their Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign, which was held on Friday, December 11th. They provided stuffed animals for each patrol car to have in their trunks when they are called to a domestic violence scenario with small children at the scene. Officers can possibly distract them from what they have experienced by giving them a stuffed animal.

This Tuesday, December 15, 2015, the group also took the time to deliver toys and supplies to needy students at Pine Villa Elementary, helping with their goal to give back to the community. They also have another planned trip to Children’s Hospital on December 19, 2015, where they will be taking toys to children who may be in the hospital during the holidays. While these three events are the most recent ones they have planned so far, they have more on the way.
After this ceremony, Mr. Rabelo hopes that his students see his actions, and how he goes out of the way to help anyone who may be in need. Whether it be with kind words, a quick use of laptop or some type of financial assistance, he does what he can for the people around him.

With warmest regards from the teacher and founder of The Power of One, he hopes this small gesture that his students will become ambassadors of good will within their community.

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