Mandate FEDS to require veggies with meat, says commissioner

Your commissioner, Bobby Welsh, is eager to serve the citizens of South Miami

Your commissioner, Bobby Welsh, is eager to serve the citizens of South Miami

Yes sir ree, Commissioner Bobby Welsh, also known as “Bicycle Bob” and “Bobble Head” and now “Knuckle Head,” had the city draft a resolution that would, well, let me give it to you straight from the resolution itself:

“A Resolution of the Mayor and Commission of the City of South Miami, calling for  state and federal regulations requiring the serving of vegetable with all meats, and regulating the pricing of same.” Yes folks, your (not mine) elected representative spent the time, energy and of course your money to have this wonderful legislation brought forth to the city commission for a vote.

The resolution continued on…” require all restaurants to serve a ratio of meats to vegetable that provides a serving of vegetable with all meat dishes that are ordered by customers and that is at least twice the weight of the serving of meat to charge one price for both items.”

Boy wonder, the guy that will do just about anything to get attention, who paddles around town on his nice little bicycle, wants the state and Feds to force your favorite restaurant to put a pretty big pile of veggies on your dinner plate right next to your meat loaf. OMG, doesn’t he have anything else to do with his time?

The good news for big meat eaters is that you won’t have to be subjected to huge mounds of veggies at every meal, as Commissioner Bobby couldn’t muster any support for his most recent effort to keep his name in the news.

Dr. Aizik Wolf, a neurosurgeon, who is a leader in performing Gamma Knife procedures, recently spoke at the International Symposium of Neurosurgery in


Dr. Aizik Wolf

Cartagena, Colombia. Healthcare professionals gathered and shared information in the fields of skull base, vascular and spine surgery, as well as, other related areas of medicine. Dr. Wolf’s office is located in South Miami on SW 70 St.

And speaking of health: My sometimes reliable sources tell me that the Boynton Beach based Bethesda Hospital merger with Baptist Health seems to be taking a heck of a long time. Hmm, wonder if that’s just the way it is with things like this or if one side or the other is dragging its corporate heels all the way to the alter. If the deal goes through, I wonder if one of the Miami based Baptist Health top guns will move on up.

Ran into Alex Almazan at Deli Lane and sitting nearby (at a different table) were Dale Mobley and Tom Byrne, plus lots of other South Miami commercial landowners that were all together, chatting it up… Gotta tell ya, that’s an impressive group of folks; now I know why I was never invited to attend.

And at the soon to be former Casa Larios on SW 73 St., which was reportedly purchased by the La Carreta folks, is undergoing some pretty big changes. It’ll be really updated and flow very nicely. Contractors have seemingly been working on it every day and I suspect that relatively soon, we’ll be back in action at this much updated eatery. Some folks have been sneaking a peak through the doors. I’m not suggesting that you do that, but…

And just across the street, Winn-Dixie is spending oodles of money remodeling the whole store, inside and out. I stopped by the other day and the difference from the old to the new will delight even the hardest to please food shopper.

And speaking of more, it’s not true that the largest property owner in South Miami wants ALL the property in town. They just want the property that is next to theirs. HMMM… HINT… the expansion continues.

Went out of my zip code and ventured over to the Fish House on Miller Drive and 100 Ave. Besides having some great salmon and conch chowder, we listened to and sang along with some great Blues musicians last Thursday night. Boy, oh boy did we get jazzed up and had a great time. Different types of music most nights, so if you’re looking for cool vibes, stop by and arrive hungry and be ready for a good time. For more information, visit online at <>.

Headed down to Lots of Lox on SW 149 St and US1 for breakfast and although it was pretty busy, we were seated in a few minutes. I had the Reuben Sandwich with all the goodies on it and around it and of course some Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda magically appeared on our table, as well. The side orders of cucumbers and cole slaw hit the spot and a bite out of my wife’s Nova, eggs and onions confirmed that this place is the real deal. At first, thought I could finish the whole thing, but couldn’t, so I put it aside to take home for our starving children. One of my favorite things about this place is that the owner, Nick Poulos, is there working the tables and talking to customers, making sure that they are well taken care of.

 Thought of the Day:
A cardinal rule of politics –
never get caught in bed with a live man or a dead woman.
— J. R. Ewing

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3 Comments on "Mandate FEDS to require veggies with meat, says commissioner"

  1. Jacky Jones | May 7, 2015 at 7:37 pm | Reply

    "it’s not true that the largest property owner in South Miami wants ALL the property in town" Here is a TIP WHY they can afford to own it. Thanks Tax Payers! The City of Peasant Living SOMI Persons below poverty level, 2009-2013 SOMI 14.2% Nation 16.3% Why doesn't South Miami Hospital offer free and reduced-cost healthcare for those who qualify, Charity Healthcare, in South Miami Hospital? Who funds South Miami Hospital? Guess!

  2. Notin Mybackyard | May 7, 2015 at 7:45 pm | Reply

    Poor "Knuckle head" Wants the FEDS to enforce veggie laws but doesn't want the same FEDS to enforce the Drugs and Immigration Laws of this great country!?!?

  3. Donna Shelley | May 11, 2015 at 10:45 am | Reply

    Maybe this is just a natural consequence of the "Meatless Mondays" edict, I mean resolution, previously issued by the current administration. And I understand that Commissioner Welsh is not satisfied with playing in his own sandbox, now he is cycling around Sweetwater to support a candidate. Apparently, as stated above, he really does NOT have enough to do with his time.

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