Wednesday , 10 February 2016
Dr. Frank Maye, DOM (NMD)
Dr. Frank Maye, DOM (NMD)

Delivering an integral approach to emotional and mental health

Dr. Frank Maye, DOM (NMD)

When talking about an integral approach to emotional health, the term integral is not integrative or complimentary. Integral is not a mainstream approach. Integral simply implies that a team concept is adopted, and the team agrees to use whatever strategies work best for the patient. Patients benefit from a variety of disciplines which all work with one another. I believe these techniques are the future of all medical practice. I returned to school to obtain a PhD degree in Integral Health to ensure this approach took root in Miami.

Emotional and mental health includes a spectrum of conditions, including autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, ADD/ADHD, addictions, depression and anxiety. Some conditions require pharmacology and others call for counseling or talk-therapy. However, there is another alternative. Are you aware that there are nutritional causes of emotional and mental discomfort? You may ask – how do I determine if these factors apply to me? There are tests available to help determine bacterial, nutritional, food allergies and toxicity, which are all causative factors. Even if you are already taking an anti-depressant  or anxiety-relieving drug, you can I still benefit from these tests. Many side effects are minimized when the causative  factors are identified.

At Maye Holistic Med, I spend two hours with every new patient. I ask myself “Where did this patient lose their way? !” I owe this time to you and this question helps me guide you emotionally, physically and spiritually back to starting life over. The day you give up on your  passion and dreams, the emotional, physical and spiritual you become depressed. The simple tests I conduct reveal and confirm how much this has affected you. Then, I can work to get you happy to be you again.

Psychiatrists, psychologists and natural healthcare providers can work as a team. Recently I attended a conference with 120 other physicians for the Integration of Mental Healthcare Teams. We all agreed that patient-centered healthcare is integral care. We band together as a team to deliver therapies that our patients need to get healthy and happy.

Join me at Maye Holistic Med as a patient or cooperating physician. Sometimes the answer to your problems is simple and sometimes it is complex. Let me help you put a team together.

Dr. Frank Maye, DOM (NMD) is a Diplomate of Naturopathic Medicine and a Diplomate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Maye graduated from Community School of Traditional Chinese Healthcare, Inc. Dr. Maye continued his studies at American Naturopathic Medical Institute where he was awarded a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a designation of (NMD). Along with his private practice, Dr. Maye currently researches for Scintilla Software Industries in the field of Bio-energetics, Resonance Homeopathy, and Nutritional Nano technology.

Dr. Maye can be reached at 305-668-9555 or Visit us at:

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