A Writting Assignment Called A Sonnet

A Child’s Storybook by Susana Martinez

Darling, do you know how much I love you?
I will tell you a lot I do you see
You don’t care, but I onl wish you knew
How it feels to have you just ignore me

Your scent is so intoxicating dear
It is a revolutionary war
There are problems, much, and there is this fear
Conflict of emotions, my heart is sore

I hate the way you are better than I
At something that you do, be it as it may
I’m a fly in your spider web of lies
Love is destructive, I should have a say

Fear of rejection, love like a fable
Good at your music, hands on the table

“The Boy From Town” by Alisha Marrero

Since the moment these brown eyes lay on him,
My huge heart completely filled up with joy.
No one could have ever compared to him,
Not even the world’s finest barbie toy.

His amazing smile has me stopping & staring,
With those blue eyes, that were so securing.
With his massive heart, he’s very caring.
With that physique he was so alluring.

He has the magic to speak through his eyes,
He’s so good it’s like McDonalds french Fries,
Making me think there could be no other guy’s
So perfect there’s no need to improvise.

But, I’m the happiest girl because I,
Truly know I have the best boy in town.

My Love to thee by Anna Mena

Love is what I feel deep inside of me,
It is what makes me smile when you are near,
You are all my love could ever be,
Your words so sweet and kind are all I hear,

You are Juliet locked in her tower,
Waiting to be let out into the night,
You are my beautiful golden flower,
That rises from her tower to the light,

Do you love me like I love you my dove?
Does your heart beat faster when I’m around?
There is nothing that can compare our love,
Together our love is deeply profound,

All the love in my heart is to thee,
And it is out for everyone to see,

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