Around Town : The tree man is out and about

Couldn’t help but see Commissioner Bobby Welsh aka “Bobble Head” on SW 67 Ave and 77 St., planting trees, with one of his buddies. Yup, right there in the swale Bobby was planting FPL approved trees underneath the power lines. But don’t worry partner, these trees won’t grow as large as to disrupt the flow of electricity throughout the area. Bobby who has become mainstream as of late, has, I’m told, planted trees over 225 trees throughout the City of Pleasant Living. My goodness that’s a bunch of trees. Good for him and good for us, as well.


And speaking of doing well, I’ll just betcha that Bobby Boy is not gonna feel so good, if he gets slammed for some of the written remarks that he made about the former Chief of Police Orlando de Castro Martinez. Just got that feeling, after reading over some of the comments that Bobby made around election time and my-oh-my, I just gotta think that Bobby will be held accountable.


Quarker Parakeets

What’s been happening to all those little birds that have been making their nests in the big power lines? Well folks, the way it works with those little guys , which are called Quaker Parakeets, is that they go back to where they last raised their babies. In this area, those nests have been way up in the electric poles on SW 127 AVe and Kendall Drive, especially just east of the Home Depot. But something has happened over the last few years, the number of free flying, non-caged Quakers seem to be very much reduced. Yup, lots less of those pesky little green birds with the grey head, which by the way are also known as Monk Parakeets, are gone, gone, gone. Does anyone know what happened.


Took a tour of the area from Sunset Drive and US1, west to SW 62 Ave, and then SW 68 St to Red Road and boy-oh-boy, there is a lot of construction going on. And I just betcha that the anti-growth people, the NIMBY’s (not in my back yard) hippies and the greenies that vote in South Miami must be wondering how the city commission could abandon them and allow so much concrete to be poured in the City of Pleasant Living.


Let’s start right across from city hall on SW 61 Ave, a 6-plus story apartment building is on the way. As of today, the old single story structure is all but demolished, and is getting set for a monster building to go up real soon.


Just 200 feet away, to the north, a five story medical building is on its way to be done. This huge building, is just north of Bank United and according to some of the construction guys on site, it’ll be completed by the end of the year.


A few more blocks to the northeast on SW 68th St and 58 Ave is another medical building that will be the office for a local eye doctor. It’s got lots and lots of room to take care of patients, as well as a pretty good size parking lot.


And there are a couple of other projects that just might get started in the next few years:
The Baptist Health owned property on SW 73 St and SW 62 Ave, which wraps around to 63 Ave and Sunset Drive is sure to be a very nice five or six story medical office building.


And then here’s one that is sure to get right under the fingernails of the NIMBY and city officials. It’s at the south end of the Metro Rail Station. I’ll just betcha that plans are back on the table for the county to have some offices and/or housing units put right there.


Golly folks, all this construction brought to you by the Greenies running city hall.


Thought of the Day: If there’s no justice for the people, let there be no peace for the government. -Emiliano Zapata


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