Artist Lanette Marie Scherr debuts at Wirtz Gallery to enthusiastic crowd

By Raquel Garcia….

Artist Lanette Marie Scherr and First National Bank of South Miami Executive Vice President Veronica Flores

Ever since Lanette Scherr sat at her desk in first grade art class anxiously waiting for her teacher to come by and bring her a box of crayons and blank paper, she knew she wanted to be an artist. The Wirtz Gallery recently presented “Release-The Evolution” an exhibition of 25 emotionally charged abstract oils painted by Scherr at the public art venue’s November opening.

“The Lava Series which is part of Release-The Evolution is the strongest body of work I have ever done. It signifies a transitional phase in my life and took over two years to complete. The fire and lava represent beauty, fear, passion and danger in some form. The intense rebirth I experienced after going through this process is represented completely in this exhibition,” said Scherr.

In Heart’s Fire, the last of the Lava Series, Scherr succeeds in drawing in the observer to what appears to be a pulsating heart organ yet at the same time shows a fluidity of motion with the long blue lava-like tendrils that seem to embrace the heart amidst a smoky rising cloud. Within each work, it is easy to see images of animals or faces hidden among the abstract forms.

Scherr says she starts a blank canvas with her classic inspiration of the sensual and passionate in nature and then allows the image to evolve organically: “I start it and then it eventually takes on its own personality and I just go with it.”

The reception guests’ reaction to the large oil on canvas paintings in deep primary colors of reds, blues, and yellows tempered by soothing pastels complimenting the sensual imagery was equally dramatic.

“I am not so typically drawn to abstract art but I find her work so vividly alive and powerful. I also find it incredibly difficult to believe this is her first show. I have never seen someone so organized and efficient when preparing the work in the gallery, she is amazing,” said First National Bank of South Miami’s Executive Vice President Veronica Flores.

For nearly 30 years The Wirtz Gallery; a long and luxurious chandeliered corridor on the west side of the First National Bank of South Miami’s lobby, has been featuring select local, national and international artists for a month long public art gallery exhibit.

Flores says Romero Britto had his first opening at the Wirtz Gallery as well as Zoo Miami’s Ron MacGill. Other notable artists that have exhibited at the gallery include Clyde Butcher, Guy Harvey and Marilyn Brown. The Wirtz Gallery opened in 1983 in memoriam to Arthur M. Wirtz, past Chairman of the Board of the First National Bank of South Miami.

The bank does not charge the artist any fees for the month long display nor commission percentages as typical for most gallery spaces. The artist arranges everything directly with the client. According to Flores many bank patrons will purposefully make their bank trip after the 5th of the month to get a chance to preview the new collection.

University of Miami Magna Cum Laude Fine Arts graduate Lanette Marie Scherr’s Release-The Evolution Art Exhibit will be on display at the Wirtz Gallery throughout November. Scherr is a long time resident of South Miami and in addition to her career as an abstract painter, she is owner of Artistic Solutions Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics at 7800 SW 57 Avenue. To contact Scherr visit or call 305-740-7100.

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