Bluefish: Fashionable and Functional Fitness Apparel

Barbra Quanstrom and Lissie Aviles

Bluefish Sport has established a flagship retail store in South Miami. Opened in May 2012, the Bluefish concept blends the functional qualities of fitness apparel with a fashion-forward sensibility, resulting in active wear that can transition from the gym to the office with ease.

The soothing sounds of a fountain great you as you enter the shop. Colors guaranteed to both calm and invigorate are compatible with the clean lines of the décor. Here the principles of Feng Shui are at work— something that is integral to the Bluefish corporate model. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of determining the most auspicious design and placement of objects so that maximum harmony is achieved between the flow of the life force of the environment and that of the user. At Bluefish the principle of the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water, are painted on the wall. The colors associated with the five elements are considered a projection of the positive affirmation achieved by the devotees of Feng Shui, according to owner and fashion designer, Barbra Quanstrom.

Primarily a wholesale business with worldwide distribution, Barbra Quanstrom added to the mix an entire retail establishment devoted to the exclusive sale of Bluefish apparel. Her chic designs can be worn just about anywhere. Speaking about the cotton like comfort of the Supplex fabric from which the clothing is made, Ms. Quanstrom said,

“It is breathable, odor resistant, wicks moisture from the body and allows for freedom of movement while supporting the wearer.”

First developed in Brazil in 1998, Barbra Quanstrom purchased the company about two years ago. She wanted to follow her passions for fitness, retail and fashion. Designing workout gear that is stylish and a pleasure to wear taps into her business and artistic talents. For 25 years she was involved in the fitness business, owning and operating a gym for 10 years; she also owned an active wear company. Add to that her strong financial background, keen fashion sense and the rekindling of her love of drawing, and you have the ideal candidate to head up a highly successful active wear business.

“By interacting with the customer, another dimension has been added to my positive experiences in this business—I am even more inspired as a result of talking to my customers and hearing their feedback,” said Barbra.

The Bluefish line is carried at fine hotels, spas and sports-themed stores. The Bluefish Sport store in South Miami provides customers with the opportunity to shop for the latest in the line amid peaceful surroundings. Clients are invited to try on clothing in a beautifully appointed showroom separated from the selling floor and may be offered a complimentary glass of champagne as part of the experience.

South Miami was a logical choice for Barbra’s store.

“South Miami is fitness-minded and there are like-minded people who shop here. I have enjoyed shopping and dining in this city for years and came to the conclusion that our store’s demographic was right here. Every day I see clients walking down Sunset dressed in our clothing,” said Ms. Quanstrom.

Bluefish Sport is located at 5738 Sunset Drive, South Miami. For more information, call 305-267-9494.

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