Bric Peeples eyeview

By Raquel Garcia….

Photographer Bric Peeples and Jo-Ann Gardner

Although yacht boat captain Bric Peeples has been around the world, when he talks about the images in his photography it is the sound of a child making new discoveries along his first quest beyond the family front stoop. Peeples recently celebrated the opening of his first photography art exhibit on the Galapagos Islands at First National Bank of South Miami’s Kendall Branch.

“I fish for a living, love boating, and get to see some of the most amazing places in the world. I would always take pictures and got so many compliments it inspired me to keep at it. The Galapagos is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. To see the natural progression, the wildlife, the flowers and the interesting rock formations, it was just incredible,” said Peeples.

Incredulous indeed are the images captured of sea lions in mid-kiss, a giant tortoise’s face smothered in his banana meal, a “King Lizard” with his rooster head regalia and the “Great Sapphire Wing” hummingbird at rest. But Peeples finds beauty not just in classical images of nature but also in civilized works like the interior rotunda views looking up from an area church captured in Quito, Ecuador.

“We spent a full day driving around the rain forest outside and around Quito and there are 40 churches within one square mile, 40 churches. In one of them, the entire interior is covered in gold leaf,” said Peeples.

Peeples’ next adventure will be an Amazon trip to fish for fresh water piranha and to capture a whole new series of images for his collection. The Galapagos Photography Art Collection will be on exhibit at First National Bank of South Miami’s Kendall Branch at 7887 North Kendall Drive through the month of January. To find out more about Bric Peeples visit: or call 305-282-1006.

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