Celebrate Earth Day: Capture time in a capsule and see DIRT the Movie!

By Lee Stephens….
In celebration of Earth Day, the Tropical Audubon Society & The University of Miami’s Gifford Arboretum will host Dirt.

The Movie at the Historic Doc Thomas House, 5530 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33143. We will also capture this moment in time by sealing a time capsule, where we will accept any community submission as long as it is 6” x 6” or less, photos, art, and written text encouraged, small objects are also accepted. The event starts at 6 p.m. and the movie will be shown at 7:45 p.m. Tours of the Doc Thomas House and grounds will be offered and a donation bar of juice, soda, wine and beer will be available. Popcorn will be served during the movie.

You may choose to put in a captioned photograph or a small item no bigger than 8.5” x 11”. We will be registering this capsule with the International Time Capsule Society so that it is never forgotten, but we also plan to open this capsule in 50 years so we can be reminded of this moment within living memory. It is clear to many that we are headed down a path that we may not be able to return from, and the choices we make today are critical. Our voices and involvement in shaping our future are more critical today than any other time we can remember. Many of the governor’s proposals are shocking and are shortsighted for future Florida generations. Having that in mind we hope you are not only calling your legislators or writing to The Miami Herald Opinion section but will come and contribute your thoughts to our time capsule.

The only rule other than size of the item we have is that you must be present on Earth day at 5530 Sunset Drive, Miami FL 33143 to put the item into the safe yourself. We will require that you also give us your name, age and address for the record. Following this reception we will seal the time capsule and show, DIRT, a movie in honor of Earth Day. This will be free to the public but we will accept donations to support our conservation efforts and we will serve popcorn and have a donation bar for your convenience.

Come make a day of it and celebrate Earth Day with others that care about the future of our Earth. This movie will make you cry, laugh and you will learn something new about DIRT, something we all take for granted.

For more information, call 305-667-7337 or go online at www.tropicalaudubon.org.

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