City Manager Slam Dunk

By Michael Miller….

Interval International’s Thanksgiving Food Drive guests: ( left to r) Commissioner Walter Harris, Commissioner Brian Beasley, Sharon Feed, City Manager Hector Mirabile and Major Rene Landa

Even though only 3 out of the 5 commissioners bothered to complete the 4 question performance review for Manager Mirabile (and one abstained out of protest), he still got two more years secured on his outstanding two year contract last commission meeting. This seemingly guarantees him another 4 years on the job whether or not the new commission (and possible mayor) like him or not. It defies explanation how any responsible mayor could grant such a contract extension with the future board of the commission so unclear. Although we have received a boatload of complaints about his less-than-friendly disposition to residents and the mayor acknowledged to the paper that “he is brusquer than I am and can be short with anyone who frustrates him and that is his character” he “follows direction.” Guess that’s all it takes to secure a fat contract on the backs of the people he begrudgingly serves. Potential changes to the pension package are still being reviewed.

Election Update
Elections will happen in February and three seats are up for grabs. The mayoral seat currently occupied by Philip (FPL) Stoddard and the commission seats of Brian (The Brain) Beasley and Velma (I haven’t had a chance to review the upcoming agenda) Palmer. Get ready for some must see entertainment. Commissioner Brian not only managed to wiggle himself out of an ethics complaint recently but also got the city’s insurance company to pay his approximately $10,000 bill. If only he could manage creatively beneficial finances like that for the city’s tax payers! So far Beasley’s opposition appears to be running commissioner Josh Liebman and the young lady who came to my office recently to tell us she was running. She swore me to secrecy so sorry folks my lips are sealed for the moment. With the persistent rumors that Velma is saying enough is enough, her seat seems ripe for the picking. Story is that Sally Phillips is poised to run for this seat and then of course there is always the possibility that former mayor Horace Feliu might go for it. Who knows, he could even get enough votes to be called “Vice Mayor.” And then there is (“local celebrity” of The Falls holiday parade) Phil who is being challenged for his seat by beloved former mayor and state representative Julio Robaina. Sources tell me at least one other candidate might dive into the water as well. Julio, who lives on the north end of town is projected to bring in the voters who have supported him for many a year. Julio is serious about making the city better and has a great shot at dethroning Mayor Phil who is finishing up his first two year term.

Bustin’ Many Moves
Between Operation Fried Turkey, The Hookah Lounge Bust, and the Baiting Biker Caper, our boys in blue have been beyond busy lately. Cops recently caught several local pot growers plying their trade in our town. An arrest happened at Hookah Lounge where the manager was caught selling tobacco to underage kids. Hookah tobacco is particularly dangerous as the smoking hose is shared by others and can spread disease beyond the dangers of the dense and unregulated tobacco itself. Three subjects were brought in for allegedly stealing several bicycles during the art show. The bait and bike operation was successful to catch the apparent perpetrators. Hats off to the police officers of this city who do a great job, putting aside of course the speeding tickets they gift to folks going past the posted 20 mph speed limit right in front of city hall. As tempting as it is to whiz by on a quiet Saturday or Sunday morning, don’t use the lead foot because you will end up with the Blue Light Special.

Around Town
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“Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently and all for the same reason.”
– José Maria de Eça de Queiroz,translated from Portuguese

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