Experiencing Khoury’s is like taking a tasty trip around the world

By Raquel Garcia….

Master Chef Maroun Khoury welcomes visitors and friends

In Arabic, the expression “Mefi Mitlic Bekil Hel Dinia” roughly translated means “there is no one like you in the entire world.” The same can be said for Khoury’s Mediterranean and Lebanese Cuisine Restaurant, located across from Winn Dixie on SW 73rd Street in South Miami. At Khoury’s, the food is the freshest, the ambiance the finest and the staff is consummately and elegantly poised to please.

From the warm sepia-toned interior which soothes and relaxes the senses, to the professionally attired and attentive hosts and servers, a trip to Khoury’s is a welcome respite from the day’s hustle and bustle.

Proprietor since the grand opening in 1993, Maroun Khoury and his sisters, Jenny and Mimo, say that the secret to their longevity and popularity in the community is their superb cuisine made fresh daily and their inviting familial environment – where guests are treated like Sultans straight out of a tale from the Arabian Nights.

“When you create an environment that embraces the diverse cultures of South Florida and invite your dining guests to explore the unique dishes from our corner of the world, you cannot go wrong,” said Top Chef Khoury, who has more than 30 years of experience.

Vegetarians and meat lovers alike can find the perfect dining combination to satiate any palate. Appetizers range from antipasto style plates served with homemade grated feta cheese on pickled Mediterranean black olives with fresh diced tomatoes over drizzled olive oil to classic Baba Ghannouj to charred eggplant over tahini with salt and lemon. The classic Tabouleh, hommus, rolled grape leaves and spinach pies are also excellent starters to tease the palate.

Yet beware, Khoury’s is famous for their Kibeh and raw Kibeh delights, all made from scratch with imported Lebanese spices. Once you experience them, you may never tolerate an alternative version again. The savory distinction at Khoury’s is leagues above other establishments.

Do not miss the fish specialty entrees, creamy and full flavored as they pleasantly awaken the taste buds with delicate unique Lebanese spices peppered throughout. Authentic Lebanese wines are also available that perfectly compliment any dish. The aromatic desserts are so divine and light, like the classic milk pudding and Knafy, a creamy cheese cracked wheat dessert. White coffee, without caffeine, is another classic after-dinner treat made with heated rose petal water or orange blossom syrup, ambrosial in its perfection.

Khoury’s is famous for treating their customers like family. Regular diners like Harvey Friedman and Ram Melwani, distinguished South Miami residents, dine at Khoury’s at least once a week when they are in town. Mr. Friedman said, “I’ve lived in Miami for more than 50 years and this is the best restaurant I have ever been to, the best restaurant in Miami. Everything is freshly cooked, the best preparation and wonderfully tasting. We feel at home here and they treat us like family. The prices are fair, consistently excellent service and by far, it is our favorite restaurant. Khoury’s is the best kept secret in Miami, and there’s parking.”

Beyond the sublime and satiating dining experience, the full bar and outdoor seating options will please any first-daters or family foodies. Open seven days a week with daily specials, take-out and catering options, Khoury’s is the ideal dining option for a unique gastronomical experience. Happy hour is Monday – Friday, 4 -7 p.m., and Hookah delight is also available when dining in. Visit Khoury’s at 5887 SW 73 Street or call them at 305-662-7707. For more information or to view a menu, visit www.khouryrestaurantmiami.com.

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