Fashion Q & A with KR Personal Style

By Kim Rodriguez….
What fall trends should I buy that are wearable for Miami?
Kim: Fall is always tricky in warm weather climates but you should definitely incorporate fall’s rich colors, textures and trends into your wardrobe. Start with the bootie. It is an essential piece that works with any outfit because it hits at the ankle and is the perfect boot for Miami. Color blocking is another trend that is an easy way to add some great Miami color into an otherwise darker color palette. When wearing this trend try to stick to just two colors. Black always works as one of these colors. Leather is also very big this fall. Instead of hot leather pants or coats try a short leather jacket or a skirt dress with leather trim detail.

How do I transition my spring/summer wardrobe into fall ready looks?
Kim: It is easy and affordable to update your fall look. Take your maxi dress or skirt and just throw on a scarf in a darker fall color palette then layer with a denim jacket, short blazer or cropped sweater. Your miniskirts or dresses will look good with fall tights and the bootie, or the oxford lace up. Any hem length in pants or skirts are fine for fall, but if you really want to always be Fall ready in Miami stay away from linen and go for a heavier cotton or light tropical wool bottom.

Kim Rodriguez is a personal stylist who has worked in the fashion industry in New York and Miami for over 15 years. She can be reached at 305-989-1671, or email

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