FIT LIFE… Eat healthy at Deli Lane

Do you find it difficult to eat well during the work day? Don’t have the time to pack a sensible lunch for yourself? Deli Lane has the answer. Deli Lane and Sunset Tavern are now offering a Fit Life Menu featuring a selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner choices that have less fat and calories than traditional fast food and restaurant fare.

Christie Kirchoff, public relations manager and Deli Lane Brickell manager, collaborated with local fitness gurus Ed Delatorre of Ed’s Boot Camp and Scott Baumann of Fitness Together to create the new menu that offers smarter, healthier choices. The total calories, carbs, fiber, sugar and protein for each meal are listed right on the menu.

For breakfast, Scott suggests the ultimate omelet made with egg whites. For lunch, Christie suggests the spinach salad with grilled salmon and for dinner, Ed suggests the chicken breast entrée with brown rice, black beans and steamed veggies. These are just a few of the Fit Life choices.

Scott Baumann is the operating partner of Fitness Together Miami, private fitness studios, with locations in Coconut Grove and South Miami. Formerly an award winning bodybuilder and one of the most sought after personal trainers in New York City, Scott is certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise and is a certified Nutrition Together consultant. He has been helping people build healthier and happier bodies since 1992 and believes that fitness is more than just a great looking body; it is a feeling of strength, vitality and confidence that comes with being the best shape of your life. Scott’s tips for eating healthy are eat small meals frequently, NEVER skip breakfast, emphasize high quality proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of fresh water with lemon. For more information, go online to

Ed is the mastermind behind Ed’s Boot Camp, held at six locations throughout Miami. With 22 years of experience in group and individual fitness instruction, he is certified as a personal trainer by AFAA. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and is CPR and AED certified. Ed’s healthy eating philosophy focuses on reducing intake of empty carbs and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. For more information, go online to

Christie Kirchoff is a registered nurse and an avid runner. For her, it’s all about portion control and feeding your body what it needs to perform properly. She believes in logging food intake and recording physical feelings and performance results for the day. There are many free websites to help people with logging their meals and these sites also provide helpful advice and healthy food tips. Christie highly recommends the site called The Daily Plate.

The Fit Life menu has choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the menu will change every six weeks. The menu items will be available at the South Miami and Brickell Deli Lane locations and at Sunset Tavern. They are also available for take-out and delivery.

Deli Lane in South Miami is located at 7230 SW 59 Avenue and the phone number is 305-665-0606. Sunset Tavern is located right next door and the phone number is 305-665-9996. The Deli Lane Brickell location is at 1401 Brickell Avenue and the phone number is 305-377-8811. For more information, go online to

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