Fitness, fun and friends at the 27th Annual Twilight 5K Run

The ladies of “Black Women Run!” team up at the Twilight Run

Food, fun, and music were delivered as promised at the Twilight 5 K Run and Fitness Walk held downtown on Sunday, June 3rd. The skies were clear and the closed streets became a mini town square with bounce houses and climbing walls for kids. Area business folks and not for profit representatives in white tented informational booths greeted the crowds of bright spandex bedecked attendees pushing strollers or chatting with friends. Athletes of all shapes and sizes from Palm Beach to South Dade came together on a balmy summer evening for fitness, friends, and family.

Sponsored by Team Footworks and South Miami Hospital, Hans and Laurie Huseby host the fundraising event which caps the Footworks Fitness 101 season and will benefit After School House and the South Miami Police Explorers not for profit organizations.

“We have over 1300 people registered and it is really a great evening,” said Laurie Huseby moments before the starting gun went off for the 5K. “This is our annual neighborhood fun run party for a good cause, it’s a wonderful event and another great year.”

Miami native Miguel Arbesu is a disabled Air Force veteran who just finished the Fitness 101 series and wanted to continue his wellness goals into the summer. “My family has been encouraging me to get back into shape like I was in the 90’s,” said Arbesu. “They are concerned that I am getting too obese and I’ve had some blood pressure and health problems.”

Based in Moreno Valley, California during his four years of active service in between the Gulf and Iraq Wars from 1992 to 1995, Arbesu was accompanied by his Veterans Affairs case worker Darryl Morrison. “This day is about Miguel’s continued initiative to participate in a program he realizes will improve his quality of life,” said Morrison.

“We are here as part of a health and fitness program promoting an alternative to the use of medications for quality of life for our veterans. Through education Miguel is learning how this can help him and prevent many of the illnesses veterans are dealing with right now.”

With similar fitness goals, the Black Girls Run National Organization was represented by over 50 enthusiastic participants stretching out and warming up for the race while taking photos together, and catching up with friends. As part of a 20 day wellness challenge to prepare healthy meals, give up caffeine, and work out, the ladies from Broward and Miami-Dade Counties were cheering each other on.

“We have groups from Palm Beach to Miami,” said co-organizer Miriam Cato. “Ladies from different areas unite a few days a week to exercise and events like this give us a chance to all get together. We are here to support women to be active and to motivate each other while addressing the high rates of obesity and inactivity in the community.”

“Whether it is to lose weight or sometimes gain weight depending on the concern, we are here to encourage walking, running and good health rather than sitting on the coach and eating,” added co-organizer Nathalie Caty. “This event gives us an opportunity to support each other and a good cause.”

Team Footworks volunteer for over two decades, Bob Medina, was busy at the registration table getting the runners and walkers signed up and on their way. “It is a chance to bring the old timers back together, for me it’s more of a party than a run.”

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