Florida Power & Light works to strengthen power lines

Florida Power & Light works to strengthen power linesFlorida Power and Light’s local improvements this year focus on reinforcing six main power lines serving nearby homes and businesses. The upgrades will make the system stronger against powerful winds and help the area quickly return to normal following storms. The strengthening project began in March and completion is expected in August.

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2 Comments on "Florida Power & Light works to strengthen power lines"

  1. FPL will ONLY fix those poles in good areas that have businesses. They rarely do maintenance to the poles in poorer areas of Dade County. I spent 17 days without electrical power because I don’t live in a RICH,HIGH CLASS,FANCY neighborhood!! Then FPL had the GALL to charge me a bill for the WHOLE month!! They’re THIEVES, and RIPFF ARTISTS!! They get away with this exploitation because UNFORTUNATELY they are the ONLY electrical company in Florida!!

  2. FPL are the biggest THIEVES company, you can get in Florida (THE ONLY ONE) they are fixing now, to charge us (and the reason is, OH IT"S TOO HOT) they are the WORSE….

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