Former manager of Cutler Bay gets nod in South Miami


Angela Rivera (center) from the Fish House on Miller Road, shares her great menu with Seida and Horace Feliu

Angela Rivera (center) from the Fish House on Miller Road, shares her great menu with Seida and Horace Feliu

Guess that congratulations are in order for our newly appointed “interim” city manager, Steve Alexander.

Not sure what the heck “interim” is really supposed to mean, but heck, our esteemed elected leaders made their choice. (See page 8 for more great stuff on Steve Alexander.)

This “interim’’ manager was chosen over at least two others, including former South Miami Mayor Horace Feliu, who sat in the driver’s seat of his SUV and was interviewed by Commissioner Bob “Bobble Head” Welsh as he sat in the front passenger seat.

I guess the good news is that at least they were in the parking lot at City Hall.

And wait there is more fun:

Ari and George Rabinvich are all smiles after completing the Key Biscayne Triathlon.

Ari and George Rabinvich are all smiles after completing
the Key Biscayne Triathlon.

According to city staffers that watched the blessed event, Bobble Head was wearing his weekend attire of old smelly clothes during the whole blessed event. Good thing for Horace that he can’t smell, because if he could, he probably would have thrown up. But don’t worry, Horace is breathing a sigh of relief once again and is reminded that Bob is a special person and sings his own song(s) figuratively and literally.

Ok, more about the strange ways of interviewing the applicants for city manger. At least two were interviewed outside the building and either under or around the Metrorail.

Some other folks tell me that it was like lovers talking in nature and wanting to get to know one another. OMG they were “ getting to know you” with the noise of the metrorail and the car and truck traffic on US1. This is great stuff, huh?

Perhaps there were outside because some of the elected officials think that city hall is bugged and that there are cameras and microphones throughout the building. Well…duh folks, we know that there are cameras everywhere, like in the chambers and hallways for sure and perhaps in other places, as well.

And the big question is. Who cares? These paranoid elected officials are interviewing candidates for the city manager position. And the whole damn interview ought to be recorded anyway. And on that regard, I’m reminded of a song that’s goes like this: …There’s something happening here… …What it is ain’t exactly clear… … Paranoia strikes deep and into your life it will creep.

(Lyrics to Buffalo Springfield- For What It’s Worth)

And I’ll just bet you that some of these commissioners even asked applicants to power off their cell phones just to make sure they are not recording the interview.

The elected officials need not feel so paranoid but what they should know is that everyday and all the time, people have cameras and microphones recording things 24/7.

The next election in our fair city is in February 2014. Please tell you friends that there will be three positions open then, including the mayors seat, and the seats presently occupied by Walter Harris and Valerie Newman. It’ll be here before you know it, so quick like a bunny, start getting your teams together.

Newton’s Gym, which was formally at 7150 SW 62 Ave has moved into the heart of South Miami. Yes, all those beautiful people will be exercising in a former dance studio, which is on the second floor right above Khourys at 5887 SW 73 St. And when all those physically fit wonders get done with their routines they will have plenty of place to get rehydrated, such as Casa Larios, Sunset Tavern and RA Sushi.

With all the culture constantly flowing through South Florida it’s no surprise to see a couple of Mexican-themed restaurants pop up here and there. In all my years living here I have visited lots of new restaurants that have come and gone, one seemingly more like the last, always trying to be “Real Authentic” Mexican food. Well folks, I’m happy to tell you that I have come across one of those very few Mexican restaurants lucky enough to be considered “authentic.”

Upon walking in to The Mexican Gourmet you are given the option to sit either indoors or outdoors. Once seated and given the menu, which I looked over mercilessly trying to make one of the toughest choices on an empty stomach, ended up with some Tortas (baguette Sandwich) and having three meats to choose from, I decided to try them all: shredded chicken, shredded pork and skirt steak. Served with a variety of toppings including refried beans, lettuce, onions, tomato, avocado, rajas and mayo, and specially prepared by Chef Ze Carlos Jimenez, himself. Trying to savor my meal as much as possible, my taste buds eventually became overwhelmed and gave in to eating at a record pace.

Finally, I have truly tasted Mexican cuisine at its finest, if any of you would like to as well, feel free to stop by The Mexican Gourmet, a neighbor to Deli Lane at 5904 South Dixie Highway.

Daniel Nishman contributed to this column.

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