Friends and Neighbors

Friends and NeighborsCutler Bay’s Town Manager, Steven Alexander, has finally admitted that HE created the “12- point plan” that resulted in the firing of the Town Clerk. (see attached)

fter weeks of bitter accusations, dissension, and conflict on the dais, with Councilmembers finger- pointing and issuing misinformation to the newspaper about who wrote the plan, he speaks. This conflict has crippled and divided our Town government – while he sat by and said nothing.

Maybe I’m mistaken, but I thought our Town government consisted of three offices; Clerk, Manager, and Attorney – all independent of each other and each reporting to and supervised by the Council. In his e-mail, the manager seems to be saying that his office and his staff are the government, and the other offices are part of his staff. If he believes this, then we need to strengthen the Town charter so that there can be no mistake that the structure of our government consists of three independent offices.

He says that it is “appropriate and customary” for him to independently draft a list of duties and performance criteria for the Town Clerk, an office totally independent of his authority. I wonder what he would say if the Town Clerk, without being asked, drafted a document telling him how to do his job and setting performance standards for him and then presented it to the Council for consideration.

He has violated the Town Charter by drafting the plan without any direction to do so from the Council as a whole.

And, he has violated the Town Charter’s guarantee of “Truth in Government” by failing to reveal his involvement when the public was repeatedly asking “who wrote the plan?”

Hopefully, our Town Council can now recover and re-establish a cordial working relationship with each other. There are many important issues that need to be addressed that have been sidelined due to the manager’s improper actions and irresponsible silence.

But, the first issue MUST be to remove Steven Alexander from office.

Let your Councilmembers know what you think.

Steve Zarzecki

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