Girls’ Choir of Miami to perform in a roof-raising Gospel Brunch

An organization dedicated to helping young girls turn their lives around through day and after-school social change programs, Girl Power has been a fundamental and instrumental part of the Miami community for many years.

But organizations need funds to operate and Girl Power is no exception, relying on grants and donations to keep going and continue to support their intervention and mentoring programs. On Aug. 25, the group’s inspiring and extremely talented choir will perform modern and classic Gospel songs along with the legendary Maryel Epps and the popular Rochelle Lightfoot at a concert at Armory Studios, 572 NW 23 St. (305-756-5502) on the edge of the Design District.

At just $50 per ticket, concert-goers will get a roof-raising, rousing, inspiring and dynamic concert, a delicious brunch from Miami favorite, Chef Irie, and champagneinfused Mimosas. What more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon?

“We hope this concert will not only raise a much-needed $20,000 for Girl Power but will introduce our remarkable girls to the world and showcase the incredible talent of Girls’ Choir of Miami,” said Thema Campbell, president/CEO of Girl Power. “Many of these young girls are marginalized by our community. It is Girl Power’s mission to bring the voices of these girls to the public. Our choir, we’ve found, is one of the best ways to broadcast the best of Girl Power to the world.”

The impact of Girl Power on the young women they serve has been profound. Lives have been changed and destinies diverted onto positive paths. For girls who have been suspended from school, are angry and disillusioned, who have major problems at home, Girl Power has not only served as a refuge but a guiding force in significantly boosting their self esteems, dialing back their anger and ultimately turning their lives around. “I have learned many things while attending Girl Power,” said 15-year-old Carla.

“I have learned how to let things go, to believe in myself, have confidence in myself and everything I do. I’m so thankful that I was sent here. I feel everything happens for a reason, and I have to say that thanks to Girl Power, I’m a better young lady.”

And 14-year-old Marva said, “This program has taught me to control my anger, beware of the consequences of reckless behavior and to take responsibility for my actions. These are important priorities I will strive to apply to my life outside of Girl Power.”

Girl Power is an extraordinary organization that actually is making a real difference that’s tangible and measurable and they need the dollars to keep moving forward. Funds raised at the Gospel Brunch will be used to keep the group’s programs alive ensuring that even more young ladies will benefit from their outreach, education and guidance.

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