How to prevent periodontitis in children

Gum disease and gingivitis are certainly not one of your little one’s many worries. They have more important things to think about such as the school play, soccer practice or other little boys and girls. In fact, worrying about gum disease is a parent’s job. If you want your children to have responsible oral care habits, start educating them early and provide them with the guidance they need until they can take the reins themselves.

Your kids probably don’t know anything more about gum disease and gingivitis than what they’ve learned from hearing a Listerine commercial. For all they know, these diseases are caused by nasty little cartoon monsters that crawl in and around the gum line. They are children, after all.

It’s important to explain the process of losing their baby teeth and getting new ones. Explain to your children that these new teeth are the last ones that they will ever get. In other words – they have to last forever! Warn children about periodontal disease and gingivitis by letting them know that these diseases can cause them to lose their one and only set of adult teeth. They may not fully understand the reasons, but the fact remains that few children are keen on the idea of going toothless.


Kids are visual learners. Books and movies are the best ways for them to learn many things, including good oral care.

There are plenty of literary and visual materials out there for parents who want to instill good oral care habits in their kids. Nice drawings and catchy songs can go a long way when it comes to teaching kids good habits like proper dental care.


As parents, you already know that sometimes it is necessary to be the bad example. Even if they do not want to, your little ones must brush and floss every single day. Periodontal disease is as much a risk for kids as it is for adults, if not more so because of the types of things they are inclined to put in their mouths. Even if brushing, flossing, and rinsing after every meal is not possible, doing so before bedtime and in the morning after breakfast can make a world of difference in the prevention of periodontitis and gingivitis, now and in the future.

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