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Husband and wife team of doctors opens GP Health on Sunset Drive

Dr. Sandino Gonzalez and wife and business partner Dr. Gilly Perez receive guests at the opening reception of GP Health on Sunset Drive.
Dr. Sandino Gonzalez and wife and business partner Dr. Gilly Perez receive guests at the opening reception of GP Health on Sunset Drive.

For internists Dr. Sandino Gonzalez and wife and business partner Dr. Gilly Perez, the opening of their new medical practice at 6150 Sunset Drive in South Miami is “a dream come true.”

“We have been physicians in the community for the past 15 years, practicing next to Baptist Hospital,” explained Dr. Gonzalez. “We are fortunate that our business has grown. We envisioned this private practice as something we have always wanted: an integrated center for patients.”

The team at GP Health has provided prescription dispensary as part of their integrated healthcare concept for many years. The doctors specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various conditions and diseases, including cardiology care. The doctors have expanded their services and now offer a state-of-the-art dental clinic in their new location.

The internal medicine specialists graduated from Cornell University’s affiliated New York Hospital of Queens after completing studies in their native Dominican Republic. The doctors say being highly trained in every aspect of the human body has made it clear that dental care is essential to overall good health.

“As internists, we’ve seen how easy it is to integrate dental care, which I believe has been a bit neglected,” said Dr. Gonzalez. “We can take care of it all here, and this service also offers the patient a substantial savings. We have many geriatric patients, and diseases of the mouth are fairly common.”

What is uniquely uncommon about GP Health is how their professional synergy seems to compliment the husband and wife team’s practice. Married for 20 years after interning together in New York, Dr. Gonzalez says their success is all about respect.

“She is a great physician and we respect each other’s practice,” Dr. Gonzalez said. “We do not step into each other’s area. She emphasizes care for women, and I focus on men’s health. But medicine is a huge field, and we can assist each other and our patients. It has been working great for us.”

The charismatic and engaging couple opened their office with a standing-room only reception of family and friends that began with a special service from Father Yara of their Pinecrest church, St. Louis Catholic Church.

Dr. Perez says total patient focus is why they are blessed with a thriving practice.

“The key for us has been really taking the time with our patients,” said Dr. Perez. “Nowadays, medicine can be rushed. After waiting for an hour, a patient sees a doctor for three minutes. But I am going to take all the time the patient needs. It is not just a matter of the actual illness physically, but emotions also affect health. I need to take the time to find out what may be behind the symptoms.”

One of the most critical and challenging aspects of modern medical care needs is to get patients to embrace changes that will help them stay healthy, say the doctors.

“The patient has to understand their body,” said Dr. Gonzalez. “The most difficult part of medicine is to get people to change bad habits. Get up off the couch and walk, stop smoking, stop drinking. If you lose your health, nothing else matters.”

To find out more about GP Health, visit <> or call 305-274-9890. 

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