It’s more of the same at City Hall

It’s more of the same at City Hall

Very slowly, read the sign on the Post Office in South Miami.
Now you can just puff away with a smile on your face.

Ok, folks, the triumvirate made up of Mayor Stoddard, C o m m i s s i o n e r Harris and the newest clown, Commissioner Bob “ the Bobble Head” Welsh are doing their darndest to get the Chief of Police Orlando de Castro Martinez to resign.

Stoddard spent months putting together a dossier alleging all sorts of improprieties, but alas nothing has come of them yet, and my guys downtown tell me most of it is a bunch of hogwash anyway.

It’s more of the same at City Hall

Former Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez
flexes his muscles for the camera.

The clowns even put together a Vote of confidence, which of course came back 3-2 as NO confidence with Commissioner Newman and Vice Mayor Leibman supporting the chief.

So, now I hear, as lots of other folks, have also heard, that the city is trying to pay out the chief to leave, but want to pay him less than what his contract calls for. Hmm.

Seems to me that if the clowns want him to leave they can just pay him what his contract calls for. It’s that simple. Pay him and I’ll just betcha he’ll be on his merry way.

South Miami Pharmacy which has two locations in the city, is closing down the original location which is on Sunset Drive and 63 Ave and moving that operation into its new and beautiful, I might add, two story location at 6050 South Dixie Highway.

Downstairs is where you go to get your regular prescriptions and upstairs they do custom compounding for the meds that you need to have made just for you.

It’s more of the same at City Hall

Frank Maye (right) consults with former Mayor Horace
Feliu about his upcoming election, which by the way is
just 13 months away.

The pharmacy is pretty quick in filling your order and they’ll also deliver it to you. For more information call them at 305- 740-9696 or go to

And you might be asking, “What becomes of the old location?” Well folks, much to the chagrin of the haters of South Miami Hospital (of which there might be a total of three), the hospital has purchased that land. Story around town is that medical offices will be built there as well as on some nearby parcels. my usually unreliable sources tell me that those buildings will be on the tax rolls, generating income for the city of South Miami. Hooray!

Went over to Smoothielicious Cafe & Deli located at 6102 South Dixie Highway. Not once, but three Saturdays in a row, right after working out and had one of their smoothies. Not sure which one, but it had peanut butter and chocolate in it and it did the trick. Felt revived and hydrated and it tasted great to boot.

To find out more visit them at

Across the street from Sumerset Academy at 5876 SW 68 St, there is a big empty, which years ago used to be the home years ago, of a very large security company and then World Printing was there, too. Not too long ago, a pretty nice gym also called it home, but alas no more. The building was recently demolished and now it’s just a very large of land waiting for development. Searched the public records up and down but can’t find a recent transaction showing it was sold, but my guys tell me that a local doctor bought it and may just be putting up a very nice medical office there.

Golly, do I sense a dramatic improvement in the area coming up real soon.

Another Miami-Dade Moment, body builder ex Mayor Alvarez shocks community and demeans past political office with Speedo photo.

The revelation that recalled Miami- Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez, 60, is an award winner at a bodybuilding contest for men over 60 and there was a photo of the man, with two tattoos now and a Speedo bathing suit. The image caused shutters through the fabric of Miami- Dade because it becomes another local bizarre moment and the photo went global. (In fact, many people said at first they thought the photo of Alvarez was Photoshopped.) Alvarez, who started pumping iron when he joined the county’s police force decades ago and later in the force rising to become the department’s director through 2004. When he then resigned to run and become the Miami-Dade mayor and later county voters gave the first strong mayor form of government to him. However, Alvarez always had an odd side to him and one of his sons, Carlos Alvarez Jr., went to prison for a variety of sexual battery charges, some involving minors.

The Watchdog Report last week asked people about the photo, and story first broke in the, and the chorus of comments was unison. “It’s clear he loves his body,” said one law enforcement officer and lay minister. Others including Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez was joking about the matter saying essentially this was it when it came to buffing up his physique and Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado thought it made Alvarez look diminished and all thought it was demeaning to the office of the county mayor. Alvarez changed when he was elected mayor back then and his authoritative manner alienated some commissioners on the dais and a series of articles in The Miami Herald on mayoral staff pay raises. While other county employee’s salaries were being cut sent Alvarez into the verbal stratosphere and he lashed out at the paper’s reporters in a press conference.

And the later recall in 2011 financed by auto magnate Norman Braman sealed Alvarez’s fate and he lifted weights almost daily for a couple of hours while he was mayor. No one had considered this recent foray possible and once again, a former high-ranking elected leader from South Florida has become the punch line of comics and commentators, and the community as a whole.

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Thought of the Day:

Anyone without a sense of humor is at the mercy of everyone else.

— William Rotsler

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