Khoury’s Mediterranean and Lebanese Restaurant offers authentic flavorful food

Khoury’s Mediterranean and Lebanese Restaurant offers authentic flavorful food

Great food begins with Lebanese wine and fried kibeh, raw kibeh at one, labneh, baba channouj, vegetable-stuffed grape leaves and tabbouleh, with a new dish, falafel salad

If you are looking for authentic, time-honored cuisine in our fast-paced, instant everything world, look no further than Khoury’s Mediterranean and Lebanese Cuisine Restaurant. The traditional quality, freshness, and complex flavors of its Lebanese and Mediterranean-inspired dishes make Khoury’s a culinary mainstay on the South Miami dining scene. The Khoury family has been creating, preparing and serving delectable food in the same location on SW 73 Street for 22 years.

“We don’t believe in canned or frozen food,” said Jenny Khoury, sister to the restaurant’s chef, Maroun Khoury.

A family affair, Maroun, his wife Micheline and sister Jenny are the heart of the place; other family members have pitched in over the years, when needed. Originally from Lebanon, the Khoury family came to the United States and established successful businesses in South Miami.

Getting Maroun out of the kitchen for an interview is not always easy. The restaurant is his home and that is how he would like his patron’s to regard it as well. With over 30 years’ experience as a chef, he enjoys sharing the food of Zgharta, his homeland in northern Lebanon. Raw kibeh, charcoal kibeh, and sausages are among the representative dishes that have made Khoury’s the “go to” place for many patrons including Chef Michelle Bernstein. Bernstein praises Khoury’s kibbeh, tabouleh and other dishes in a recent Miami New Times review, saying,”This has always been my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant.”

The Zagat award-winning Khoury’s continues to attract customers from all over south Florida. They often come just for the kibeh, raw, charcoaled or fried. Maroun’s raw kibeh is made with lamb, bulgur, and his own blend of spices. As with all special dishes at the restaurant, just call ahead and it will be prepared for you. The fried kibeh is made with beef. Lamb is a dish that is all about the preparation and Maroun knows just how to handle this delicate meat whether it is kibeh, kababs, or chops. For those who are vegetarians, there are a number of very fine meatless dishes available such as tabbouleh salad (finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, green onions, mint and crushed wheat in a lemony dressing), Greek salad, yogurt salad, vegetable-stuffed grapes leaves, and chickpea-based falafel.

Appetizer fans can chose from the traditional hommous, baba channouj, and homemade Lebanese sausage, or branch out to frog legs or sautéed chicken livers. All are delicious, fresh and reasonably priced.

Khoury’s serves lunch specials from 11 to 4 Monday through Saturday. Traditional desserts and coffee are available and the restaurant has a full liquor license. They feature Lebanese wines and the Levantine spirit called Arak. Arak is typically made from grapes, but often other ingredients can be used such as dates, plum, and figs; aniseed is added to the distilled liquid imparting to the alcohol its distinctive flavor. Care to puff on a hookah? They have that, too.

The restaurant can host your special event, cater your party and business event, or provide you with take-out orders.

“Please remind people of our fresh, healthy food and our fair prices,” said Jenny Khoury.

For information, visit at, or contact them at 305-662- 7707. Khoury’s is located at 5887 SW 73 Street in South Miami. Parking and valet parking are available free of charge.

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