Malia Panos of Fitness Together celebrates 67,161 burpees completed to highlight breast cancer prevention

From left to right: Brendan Orr, Sara Setzler, and Malia Panos.

A surprisingly energetic Malia Panos and friends recently celebrated her completion of 67,161 burpees done over the course of a year to highlight the importance of breast cancer prevention in her “Burpees 4 Boobs” campaign.

Panos is a trainer at Fitness Together whose mother passed away as a result of breast cancer. In honor of her memory, a celebratory party was held at Cervezas at 5835 Sunset Drive on September 14, just one day shy of her mother’s birthday.

Cervezas owner Carlos Duran donated a keg for the cause and proceeds of all sales went to “Mammograms in Action” based out of Irvine, California.

Friends Alex Sarafoglu (left) and Roy Cardos

“Now it’s time to get back to my cross fit training” said Panos who boasts a perfect petite frame apparently resilient to exhaustion.

Burpees are a popular exercise routine said to clear the inner passages and cause a burp, hence the name burpee. The move is similar to an enthusiastic Yoga Sun Salution exercise. Panos says the ongoing support and encouragement she received from so many throughout her year’s journey kept her motivated and on task.

Cervezas Bartender Scott Livesey
Malia Panos

She also credits her blog and fundraising site as an essential element to get the word out and assist with raising money for the cause.

To find out more about “Burpees for Boobs” visit and fundraising/maliapanos/.

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