Manatee Fest coming in March

By Yelany Rodriguez….

Six-foot tall “Mother Manatee” sculpture draws in crowd.

Where can you see great art sculptures from artists such as Marcie Ziv, Mano, Humberto Benitez and Alex Yanes — all in one day and for free?

SoMi Town in March 2011!

That’s where Prince Media Development is busily preparing large sculptures for painting and soliciting sponsors to bring the first-ever public art event to South Miami, says Heather Bettner, Prince Media president.

A mother manatee sculpture over six feet tall tenderly holds her baby “that’s “sweet and endearing, according to what I hear people say,” says Bettner, event producer. “ Children love it.”

Artists already scheduled to transform sculptures into their own design include Alex Yanes, Mano, Marcie Ziv, Fred Hunt, Dan Bondroff, and Nancy Martini, among the first to sign in for the show.

Bettner said the event provides “a huge opportunity for the artists” to be in a historic (first of its kind) public art event on the streets of another historic village. “For sponsors, it’s an opportunity to give back to the community and promote and market themselves, the year around,” she adds.

While many sponsors are expected to come from the local community, many outside individuals will want to tap into the popularity of the South Miami marketplace.

Families, schools, churches and civic organizations are also expected to join in sponsorships that already include South Miami Hospital, Footworks, Mile High Karate, First National Bank of South Miami, South Miami Pharmacy and others.

Besides receiving a valuable piece of art at fractional cost, sponsors also enjoy hosting official events at their locations plus their inclusion in the official map and guide, as well as publicity and advertising for the event.

The map and guide will instruct visitors where to find the Manatees since some locations may be a surprise.

“Many times visitors will actually call me to get answers on how to contact artists as well as locations of the art pieces,” Bettner said. “Photographs of the manatees will be included in facebook, media, and people’s blogs, too.”

Bettner calls the event “great exposure for our artists as well as sponsors” who receive full support of Prince Media marketing for the project planned for exposure on local networks, newspapers, blogs and national media.

The previous Prince Media event, Coconut Grove Peacock Tour, was “a huge success in Coconut Grove, so much so that the merchants and retailers are sad to see it go,” she added. For more information on the South Miami Manatee Fest or sponsorship, call 305-775-0113 or email

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