MexZican Gourmet makes it happen with Chef Zé Carlos Jiménez


The complex and delicate nature of Mexican cuisine often goes unrealized by many Americans. Unfortunately for them, culinary delights from south of the border have been mistranslated into lackluster arrays of soggy burritos and bland tacos slathered with a timid sauce. Chef Zé Carlos Jiménez has been changing that misconception at his MexZican Gourmet restaurant one delicious dish at a time.

A native of the southcentral Mexican state of Morelos, Chef Jiménez was taught to prepare traditional foods in his grandmother Meche’s restaurant. His love of cooking and devotion to perfection began in his abuela’s kitchen and remained with him through life as he set on a course to develop his own authentic gourmet Mexican food.

The chef refers to his carefully crafted fusion of flavors as the “New Mexican Gourmet Cuisine.” His keen sense of blending just the right ingredients with attention to health and nutrition has created a following for his Mexican cuisine and other international dishes. Enjoyed initially in his mobile gourmet food truck, Jiménez’s creations are now delighting patrons of his restaurant located in South Miami.

A busy professional, the Chef also offers private classes, cooking segments, and catering services in addition to owning the food truck and restaurant.

At MexZican Gourmet, must-trys on the menu include the Chef’s three signature salsas of cilantro-tomatillo, smoky chipotle, and jalapeño served with homemade chips; a roasted poblano pepper stuffed with skirt steak (Chile Relleno) and a heavenly combination of steak, shrimp, nopales (prepared cactus), cheese and chorizo (sausage) served in a traditional Mexican Molcajete (a three-legged stone mortar used for grinding and mixing).

The MexZican Gourmet brand incorporates the Chef’s first name with a capital ‘Z’ in the center. His distinctive food truck has been on the Miami scene for the last two years selling incomparable Mexican food. Thanks to the encouragement of the many who feasted on treats from his truck and to Chef Jiménez’s determination, the dream to open a restaurant was recently realized in one of South Miami’s historic buildings fronting on US1.

The charming twentiesera building was constructed by the Dorns, one of the town’s pioneering families and originally served as a post office. The interior of the restaurant is pleasantly appointed and the ambiance is one of conviviality. Although the main axis of the building is on US1, the best way to enter the restaurant is from the back of the building on Dorn Avenue. Here, valet parking is provided to patrons of the restaurant. Those looking to savor a delicious lunch or dinner may do so indoors or out.

The Chef is pleased with the restaurant’s South Miami home. The US1 location means that those tens of thousands who traverse the highway every day see his front door. “I like doing business here; I like this area,” said Chef Jiménez.

The restaurant is located near the intersection of US1 and Sunset Drive (SW 72nd Street) at 5904 S. Dixie Highway. It is open every day except Monday.

For more information go online at or call 305-661-6801.

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